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well designed presentations

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Calculate the maximum allowable mud weight. Fracture formation Pressure Example The maximum bottom hole pressure during the leakoff test can be calculated from: hydrostatic pressure of column of mud leak off pressure at surface (0.052.2 x 5010) psi The maximum allowable mud weight at this depth is therefore 3597. Fracture formation Pressure surface leakoff Pressure calculation The anticipated surface leakoff pressure, plo is given by: Plo pff.052rd dpf Where dpf is the frictional pressure loss in the well between the surface pressure gauge and the formation during the leakoff test. This equation is also used to compute the observed fracture pressure, pff, from the observed leakoff pressure Plo. The pressure required to initiate circulation is obtained by equation: Fracture formation Pressure surface leakoff Pressure calculation The anicipated slope line for the early leakoff test results is determined from the compressibility of the drilling fluid. The effective compressibility, ce, of drilling fluid composed of water, oil, and solids having compressibilities cw, co, and cs, respectively. Ce cwfw cofo fsfs Where fw, fo, and fw are the volume fractions of water, oil, and solids. Fracture formation Pressure surface leakoff Pressure calculation Compressibility is defined as Therefore, the change in pressure due to the change in the volume of drilling fluid is Fracture formation Pressure surface leakoff Pressure calculation Example: The leakoff test shown in Fig.

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When the test is complete, bleed off the pressure at surface, open the bop rams and drill ahead It is assumed in these tests that the weakest part of the wellbore is the formations which are exposed just below the casing shoe. It can be seen in the next slide that when these tests are conducted, the pressure at surface, and throughout the wellbore, initially increases linearly with respect to pressure. At some pressure the exposed formations start to fracture and the pressure no longer increases linearly for each increment in the volume of mud paper pumped into the well. If the test is conducted until the formations fracture completely, the pressure at surface will often drop dramatically. Fracture formation Pressure The leak-off Test The leak-off test is used to determine the pressure at which the rock in the open hole section of the well just starts to break down (or leak off). In this type of test the operation is terminated when the pressure no longer continues to increase linearly as the mud is pumped into the well. Fracture formation Pressure The limit Test The limit Test is used to determine whether the rock in the open hole section of the well will withstand a specific, predetermined pressure. This pressure represents the maximum pressure that the formation will be exposed to while drilling the next wellbore section. Fracture formation Pressure The formation Breakdown Test The formation Breakdown Test is used to determine the pressure at which the rock in the open hole section of the well completely breaks down. Fracture formation Pressure Example While performing a leak off test, the surface pressure at leak off was 940 psi. The casing shoe was at a true vertical depth of 5010 ft and a mud weight.2 ppg was used to conduct the test.

Drill 5 - 10 ft of new formation below the casing shoe. Pull the drillbit back into the casing shoe (to avoid the possibility of becoming stuck in the openhole). Close the bops (generally the pipe ram) at surface. Apply pressure to the well by pumping a small amount of mud (generally 1/2 bbl) into the well at surface. Stop pumping and record the pressure in the well. Pump a second, equal amount of mud into the well and record the pressure at surface. Continue this operation, stopping after each increment in volume and recording the corresponding writing pressure at surface. Plot the volume of mud pumped and the corresponding pressure at each increment in volume. Fracture formation Pressure The leak-off Test limit Test - formation Breakdown Test.

well designed presentations

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The pressure at which formations will resume fracture when exposed to borehole pressure is determined by conducting one of the following tests: leak-off test, limit Test, formation Breakdown Test, fracture formation Pressure. The procedure used to conduct these tests is basically the same in all cases. The test is conducted immediately after a casing has been set and cemented. The only difference between the tests is the point at which the test is stopped. The procedure is as follows:. Run and cement the casing string. Run in the drillstring and drillbit for the next hole section and drill out of the casing shoe.

Presentation Transcript, fracture formation Pressure, definition and Mechanism, fracture pressure is the pressure in the wellbore at which a formation will crack. The stress within a rock can be resolved into three principal stresses. A formation will fracture when the pressure in the borehole exceeds the least of the stresses within the rock structure. Normally, these fractures will propagate in a direction perpendicular to the least principal stress. Fracture formation Pressure, definition and Mechanism, at sufficient depths (usually below 10 ft) the minimum principal stress is horizontal; therefore, the fracture faces will be vertical. For shallow formations, where the minimum principal stress is vertical, horizontal (pancake) fractures will be created. The leak-off Test limit Test - formation Breakdown Test.

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well designed presentations

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Join Us for a livestream Chat With Public Speaking Guru jill Schiefelbein This evaluation will help ensure that you continue to improve and take one step closer to being a presentation pro. Ppt - essay well Design - pe 413 Chapter 1: Fracture Pressure powerPoint Presentation - id:3204479. Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Well, design - pe 413 Chapter 1: Fracture Pressure powerPoint Presentation. Download Presentation, well, design - pe 413 Chapter 1: Fracture Pressure 1 / 44, well, design - pe 413 Chapter 1: Fracture Pressure.

Fracture pressure is the pressure in the wellbore at which a formation will crack. Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described. Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server.

This makes the presentation much more useful and interesting for the audience members. They have a chance to ask questions and actually talk to you like a human being instead of a presentation robot. Great presenters tell stories that captivate the attention of the audience - but heres something you shouldn't forget: The stories are not just stories for stories' sake. They illustrate the key points that you are discussing. This makes the presentation much more memorable.

Every professional speaker ive spoken with has told me he or she used a professional coach at some point to help with presentation skills. Join toastmasters to learn better presentation skills, find out if your company offers training for presentation skills, attend a presentation skills class somewhere in your community. Or use a private coach to help you polish your skills. I guarantee you that if you do thee things, youll get amazingly better results because you've had someone give you feedback in an objective way on what you do well, and what you need to improve. Each time you give a presentation, either ask a trusted colleague to observe your presentation and give you feedback, or if that is not possible, at least take time after every presentation to review what you believe went well and what could be improved. Related: Want to be better On Camera?

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I also think most people giving presentations have summary way too many slides and try to click through 97 of them in 35 minutes. . This in my opinion is a disaster. Finally, most people believe literature that their PowerPoint is their presentation, when the reality is that the powerPoint is supposed to be a supplement to illustrate key points. What's more, people actually use powerPoint as a script for their presentation, and read from the screen. This makes audience members want to run screaming from the room. Make it a conversation, not a presentation. I think that when youre designing a presentatio, you should have a couple of points where you have interaction with the audience, in order to have a conversation instead of just a presentation.

well designed presentations

Either the room was too crowded, it was set up the wrong way or the speaker was tied to the podium because that was the only place a microphone was available. Make sure to check out in advance the space where youre going to be presenting, to see its limitations. Additionally, arrive early the day of your presentation so that you can solve any room or space problems that exist before your presentation starts. Please get rid of the powerPoint. It seems to me that everyone giving presentations these days is in love with PowerPoint. To me, there are several issues here - the main one summary being that PowerPoint quickly becomes sleep-inducing, because people are staring at a screen, and often the lights have been dimmed so the powerPoint can be seen more clearly: an invitation to everyone to take a nap. I personally believe youd be much better off with a couple of handouts than you would hypnotizing people with PowerPoint.

you'll lose your audience before you start. We live in an era of high entertainment, and when we sit people in a room to watch a presentation, we need our presentations to start with a bang. You can start with a compelling", a great story, a stunning statistic or even a provocative question. The key is to get people's attention. Then you can introduce yourself and your topic. Also use these tools to close out your presentation with a bang as well, because people do remember the beginning and the end of everything. Related: 10 Honest and Completely helpful Tips for Hitting a public-Speaking Homerun. Recognize that the space is part of your presentation. In many instances, i have seen the space become a barrier to the presentation being effective.

You know what Im talking about because you've seen. The point here eksempel is more important than any individual conference or meeting: In fact, I believe that in order to be a successful leader and entrepreneur, you have to become skilled at giving presentations like a pro. Here are eight tips on how to do that. I know that youre thinking that "preparation" means having your presentation deck in order and your handouts organized, but that is not what I mean at all. What I refer to here is the need for a careful analysis of audience members to know whom youre speaking to, and what they are expecting or needing from the presentation. Take time to talk to the person who invited you in the first place, to obtain a full and complete analysis of who will be in the room. Obviously, the presentation for roomful of ceos will be different than a presentation for a group of front-line workers. Start with a bang, not a whimper.

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May 18, 2016 6 min read. Opinions expressed by, entrepreneur contributors are really their own. As a professional speaker, i get many chances, as I travel around the country, to see other people give presentations. With professional speakers, the presentations are always well done and professional. And of course they should be; these people are professionals! Related: 7 Powerful Public Speaking Tips From One of the most-Watched ted talks Speakers. But, sadly, i often see exactly the opposite with others: presentations that are boring, dull and dry and go on way too long, with the presenter exhibiting terrible speaking skills as well as a plethora of anesthesizing PowerPoint slides.

well designed presentations
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Essays and criticism on Khaled Hosseini s The. These are hand painted, lightl y sanded and made from new wood right here in the heartland of America, then). The settings and characterizations are drawn from Kipling s own.

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  2. Also use these tools to close out your presentation with a bang as well, because people do remember the beginning and the end of everything.

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  4. Find the best tools and resources for Web. Design such as jQuery Plugins, Photoshop Tutorials, wordpress Themes, Free fonts, Free icons. While all PowerPoints are designed, only about 1 are designed really well. But presentation design experts will tell you to strive for just the opposite!

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  6. Well Design - pe 413 Chapter 1: Fracture Pressure. Fracture pressure is the pressure in the wellbore at which a formation will crack Slideshow 3204479 by levi. This is the single rule that kills most presentations, especially in large rooms. Nancy calls it the 30-point rule.

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