Reviews for my big fat greek wedding

My, big, fat, greek, wedding 2 reviews

reviews for my big fat greek wedding

My, big, fat, greek, wedding

A date was arranged for a sit-down with. Vardalos and co-star John Corbett at a downtown hotel. I spent almost an hour with them, benefitting from being their final interview of the. Cincinnati trip, and truly got to know the stars and, by extension, the world of characters Vardalos let loose. So, now, almost 15 years later, vardalos gathers the portokalos clan for a big fat reunion, a replay of all the. This time out, the entire affair unspools like a greatest hits of gags. Toula (Vardalos) continues to wallow in a state of bemusement and discomfort with the closeness of her family (the main unit lives together as next door neighbors in suburban Chicago). Her father Gus (Michael Constantine despite failing health, still runs the family restaurant, and has instilled his outrageous sense of Greek pride in his rowdy and raucous grandsons, who explain the Greek roots of all words and lay claim to the belief that everything.

my, big, fat, greek, wedding 2 says Opa!

A curiously alternative plan was underway. A couple of the films producers — tom Hanks and Rita wilson, you may have heard of them — decided to set up a traveling roadshow tour, sending the movies stars out to conduct meet and greets with regional press, while hyping up target audiences. I had so little experience with film distribution models, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that. Cincinnati was even included on the list for this kind of old-school blitz. I started paying attention to the trade magazine reporting on the film, my big Fat Greek wedding, and how its star and screenwriter nia vardalos had excavated her own cultural roots as a greek-american, unearthing the comedic clash between her immigrant family and the American. She tapped into the humorous discomfort felt by a first-generation American — and a woman air to boot — seeking to make a connection with, and ultimately bring in, an outsider. I caught the film, an engaging soufflé with a clever mix of tart and spicy jokes about families and cultures that attempt to stay together and to stay whole and uncorrupted by the bland barbarians at the gate. My big Fat Greek wedding wasnt a strenuous social/cultural battleground, though. Vardalos was a conscientious and gentle lover of both sides in this tame conflict. She stood between the two, while each kissed her cheeks and made peace through her.

Almost 15 years after, my big Fat Greek wedding, nia vardalos gathers the portokalos clan for a big fat reunion, a replay of all the. Greek shtick and wedding hijinks that we could have ever wanted. The operative word is replay. Nia vardalos and John Corbett in my big Fat Greek wedding. In 2002, i was a relatively green member of the. Citybeat film section with only a little more than a years time covering the beat. I received a call from my editor about an interview opportunity professional in support of an under-the-radar film that was starting to generate some low-level buzz during a terribly limited rollout. Word of mouth seemed to be driving audiences. There was no major promotional assault on television or in print.

reviews for my big fat greek wedding

My, big, fat, greek, wedding released - apr 19, 2002

Given the portokalos familys appetite for pairing girls up with guys, you would expect Angelos admission to come accompanied by dozens of scandalized hands thrown up in the air like some fosse-esque flash-mob routine. But no, his mother, voula (Andrea martin, ever the scene-stealer) whispers with a wink, i knew. And yet, the film pointedly doesnt show him dancing alone with his boyfriend, instead revealing them folded inoffensively within the gears of the encircling families, tolerance arriving mostly through invisibility. Toula and Ian fret a lot about letting Gus and Maria act as matchmakers for Paris to ensure her attachment to a greek boy, and worry about their lack of alone time healthy compared to toulas time spent fixing her family. It may take two false endings to get there, but the sequel ultimately hands the win to the family elders. The lesson of the first film was that any rules laid out by your family are only meant to increase your chances for happiness in life, and that nothing will make you happier than to follow the path that makes the most sense to you. My big Fat Greek wedding 2 may recycle a lot of things from the original, but that sentiment isnt one of them. It was 2002 when "my big Fat Greek wedding" snuck into theaters and became one of the highest-grossing independent films of all time. Nia vardalos, who wrote and starred in the original, is finally bringing back the portokalos family.

But even as Gus continues to harp on tradition like the tevye knockoff his character ultimately represents, he discovers that his own spicy marriage to maria (Lainie kazan) was never actually finalized with a valid certificate. They are, in effect, living in sin. And therein lies the movies excuse to stage another ostentatious wedding. As far as shameless excuses to rehash crowd-pleasing gags from the first film go (the omnipresence of Windex as a cure-all, a plate of mini boondt cakes on display at the familys restaurant Dancing Zorba, an ill-timed tête-à-tête with a bottle of ouzo my big. As every fan of the first film would attest, theres a generosity of spirit that seems almost paradoxical to vardaloss outmoded application of cultural stereotypes. Its simultaneously brash and timid. Take, for instance, the revelation that toulas cousin, Angelo (joey fatone isnt waiting for the right woman, but has instead already found the right man.

Film review: my, big, fat, greek, wedding 2)

reviews for my big fat greek wedding

Nia vardalos Interview - connie and Carla

Knowing that the theme of the film was that one should always follow their heart, despite the contradictive directives of family and community, i reasoned that refusing to see the biggest, fattest sleeper hit of our era was a show of solidarity with nia varadaloss. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, and now having seen the harmless but unnecessary sequel, i recognize something else about all those interactions. Just as toulas sweet-natured, if overbearing, family ultimately mean well, similarly all those cinema-estranged baby boomers were only trying to have a nice chat with the resident film geek in their lives, eager to, for once, have a movie they were familiar with to talk. My big Fat Greek wedding 2 is, ultimately, writing a reflection of that sort of mental capitulation that comes with adulthood, seeing clouds, like joni mitchell, from both sides now. As toula puts it early on in her the story so far narration, love and suffocation are tantamount.

But of all the things you would want to be suffocated by, why wouldnt good intentions be at the top of the list? As far as shameless excuses to rehash crowd-pleasing gags from the first film go, my big Fat Greek wedding 2 doesnt particularly go about its duties cynically. Still living next door to her parents (along with everyone else in her family) in suburban Chicago, toula begins the film wondering how the time passed by so fast, and how it came to be that her daughter, paris (Elena kampouris went from a cherub. Toula is still conscious of her own fraught relationship with her helicoptering relatives, but cant help herself from doting on Paris. Or allowing her daughter to move to a different city to attend college. Or putting a moratorium on her own father, gus (Michael Constantine insisting Paris find a good Greek boyfriend, even though that ship shouldve long ago sailed given toulas own convention-bucking nuptials to the xeno, ian (John Corbett).

Elena kampouris, who plays Paris, the daughter child of toula and Ian. Everyone says that the original is always better than the sequel and, in some cases, its true, but not for. My big Fat Greek wedding Two. The movie reminds me of the first with the continuous jokes and laughter, and I loved that. Its been 14 years since the first movie aired but its never too late for the second.

Go see it and youll agree. Flash back to 2002, when the original. My big Fat Greek wedding was still hogging up valuable real estate at art houses everywhere deep into summer. For months after its original release, every family member, every neighbor, every neighbors family member excitedly opened conversations by asking if I had finally seen. Though Im not proud of it, at the time i would often ask them how many films theyd seen in the theater during the previous 12 months, and would gloat when they admitted that. My big Fat Greek wedding was the only one.

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Teen, 13 years old Written by th, march 28, 2016 age 11 lab good, but not amazing, i personally didn't really like the first one so this was better! Good characters and plot line but a bit cliched! A little inappropriate at times like. Continue reading, what's the story? After spending most of their time on their troubling teenage daughter, toula (Vardalos) and Ian (Corbett) are facing marital problems while also having to deal with yet another Greek wedding - this one larger biography than the last one. Faiz uddin, entertainment EditorMarch 24, 2016, a must-see sequel 3/4 Stars, just like the title says, the movie is about another big fat Greek wedding, but hey, who didnt like the first one? The comedy did not die downin fact, i was laughing the whole time just like everyone else in the theater. The family is the same old crazy people we all know and love. It contains same cast as the first movie, plus.

reviews for my big fat greek wedding

of a 16 and 18 year old Written. John Lang, march 29, 2016 age 13, parent of a 11 and 11 year old Written by yelahnhoj, march 29, 2016 age 10, kid, 11 years old March 25, 2016 age. Really good, it wasn't what I wanted it. As always voula was oversharing. It was a good movie otherwise.

Jump to navigation, common Sense says, pG minutes. A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Positive messages, family matters more than anything. Traditions are also important. Positive role models representations, the portokalos family is comprised of nosy, boundary-busting members, but they clearly all have hotel one another's best interests at heart and want to see one another thrive. Toula's father, gus, has traditional ideas about women (which he states several times but he also respects his wife and loves her dearly. Toula herself verges on being a co-dependent people-pleaser, but she has only the best intentions.

My, big, fat, greek, wedding - the sequel

Orthodox Greeks Gus (Michael Constantine) and Maria (Lainie kazan) have their daughter's life all planned out. As the girl in question, toula portokalos (nia vordalos puts it: "They want me to marry a nice Greek man, pop review out some kids and cook for everybody for the rest of my life." But toula is desperate to make her own way. Breaking joel Zwick's engaging and perky rom-com down to the traditional wedding principles, this is something old (ethnic family friction something new (a Greek spin something borrowed (Vardolos' script distills years' worth of her stand-up routine) and something blue (news that a member of pop-droid. The result is a movie that treads a pretty straight route towards its altared state but, unlike some real-life nuptials, it at least keeps the entertainment value at a premium. Sure, the central pair (Vardalos and white-bread beau john Corbett) are strictly couple-by-numbers, but the extended family - led by the Greek-language-obsessed Gus - add enough comedy confetti to ensure my big. Was a stateside hit. Hell, even joey fatone (the n'sync plunger) does himself proud as toula's macho bro. Not a film given to straying too far from the pre-ordained rom-com path then, but an enjoyable prattle of the sexes nonetheless.

reviews for my big fat greek wedding
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Stream my big Fat Greek wedding the 2002 movie videos, Trailers, reviews more. Almost 15 years after my big Fat Greek wedding, nia vardalos gathers the portokalos clan for a big fat reunion, a replay of all the. Pull my neck back, ill pull yours.

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  1. Unsurprising but still enjoyable sequel to beloved romcom. Read Common Sense media's my big Fat Greek wedding 2 review, age rating, and. ghostwriters website for school videos my big fat greek wedding review from esl problem solving writer services for school Watchmygf. Watch my big Fat Greek wedding Full movie online.

  2. My big Fat Greek wedding 2 has less broad appeal than the first film and its basic message that you have to stick by family. Thanks For viewing The my big Fat Greek wedding 2 review more - there's something for every film fan at the ryan jay reviews Gift Shop! tale of milking a cash cow until cries for mercy. My big Fat Greek wedding 2 talks plenty about the need to change with the times.

  3. Orthodox Greeks Gus (Michael Constantine) and Maria (Lainie kazan) have their daughter's life all planned out. As the girl in question. my, big, fat, greek, wedding 2 was up against Batman v superman: Dawn of Justice and some tough reviews, but nia vardalos sequel. Viewers for the most part have forgotten about them and the pathetic effort that is my big Fat Greek wedding 2 isnt likely to give.

  4. Dear Chicago dwelling toula (nia vardalos) has been happy since her first. Big, fat, greek, wedding to ian (John Corbett). eager to, for once, have a movie they were familiar with to talk about. My, big, fat, greek, wedding 2 is, ultimately, a reflection of that.

  5. The portokalos family is back with a surprise wedding in this new trailer for the hit comedy sequel, my, big, fat, greek, wedding. my, big, fat, greek, wedding is narrated by toula portokalos (nia vardalos who, like all. Greek women, she says, was put upon this earth.

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