Healthy way of life essay

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healthy way of life essay

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So now I give you 3 puzzles? Which are red, green and yellow. Do you like the lesson? Choose  a red one. You dont understand something choose a green one. You dont like the lesson choose a green one. Thanks for your work. I hope our lesson will be useful for you.

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Exchange your exercise books, look at the screen and tick right variants._ makes your bones strong. _is good for your nerves. _helps to make your heart strong. _is good for your muscles._ protects your teeth. _is good for your eyes. So today we have spoken about different problems concerning health. Now I want you to make a conclusion and make up health rules for you. Parents foe everybody who wants to be healthy and happy. Our health depends on: 1) the food we eat 2) our good or bad habits 3) our physical activity you have worked very well today. You have 20 an d 25 best points. Ill give you only good and excellent marks.

Look at your nose. To be healthy grown-ups and children should lead a healthy way of life. What is a healthy way of life? What should people do and what they shoudnt/ This is our next task. The next task 7 Complete the house sentences. books, newspapers, radio and tv give all kind of information about food and health. Read the sentences and decide which information is a myth and which is a fact.

healthy way of life essay

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Do you sometimes eat at night? no i dont/ I dont eat at night/ When do people usually follow a diet? (People usually follow a diet when they want to lose weight, or they have health problems.) Can a diet cause health problems? (Sometimes a diet can cause health problems) Should we have our meals at regular hours? We should have our meals at regular hours). Look left, look right. Look up, look down.

What habit is the most dangerous for the person? (I think taking drugs is the most dangerous habit for the person/Smoking causes heart disease and brain disease) What are the modern bad habits? The modern bad habits are drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs, obesity/ How many times a day do you eat? i eat 4 or 5 times a day/ do you skip breakfast? I dont skip breakfast. does our health depend on our way of life. Our health  depends on our way of life.) do you like sweets? Do you eat a lot of sweets?

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healthy way of life essay

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Read them, translate and say if they are good or bad habits. Health Habits, good habits Bad habits. Exercising Drinking too much alcohol. Good plain food resume Smoking. Taking a cold shower Snacking. Personal hygiene taking drugs. A healthy diet Physical inactivity.

Eating too much sweets, iii. Our health depends on many things: the food we eat, our good or bad habits, our physical activity. I want you to remember proverbs about eating and some habits, but the words have mixed. Can you put them in the correct order resume to make the proverbs. Wealth is good above health a day apple an away keeps doctor a to and healthy bed wise makes a rise man early and early to wealthy a mind sound in body a sound eat live to but, to eat not live he who has. The 4th task give the russian equivalents of these English proverbs. There are several questions about modern bad habits.

T: Glad to meet you, dear boys and girls, guests and teachers! We are very happy to see you at our  lesson.  Today well devote our lesson to reading, writing, speaking about  what? P: I  think we are going to speak about  smoking., alcohol drinking., taking drugs., about regular meals, healthy food and going in for sports. T: Yes of cause, you are right we are going to speak about  health, health problems and healthy way of life.

I am sure it is very important to be healthy. Health was valued greatly in all times and in all countries. People can buy different things but they can't buy their health. Today we have a competition. So  we have two teams. And at the end of the lesson well make the rules how to keep fit. But now I wish you good luck. The 1st task is, you see different parts of  habits on the screen. The 2nd task, you see different health habits on the screen.

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To engelsk my mind, one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit is to go in for various sports. My favourite sport is swimming. I spend a lot of time in the swimming-pool. I think it revitalizes my body and gives me energy for the whole day. Other sports i enjoy are cross-country skiing and figure-skating. To stay healthy, it is also important to spend lots of time in the open air. It is especially useful bill to go for a walk before going to bed. Following these simple rules regularly is the only way to promote our health. Healthy way of life.

healthy way of life essay

Obesity is arrays another health problem. People, who eat lots of fattening food and do almost no exercise, are often overweight. A healthy diet involves many fruit and vegetables, seafood and wholegrain products. Salt, sugar and fat should be avoided. Excessive dieting can be also dangerous. Some people refuse to eat meat and become vegetarian. However, doctors say that meat is an excellent source of good nutrition.

is above wealth, because if you dont care of your health, you cant study or work properly. Unfortunately, having perfect health is almost impossible nowadays. Due to highly polluted environment people suffer from many diseases. The best way to stay healthy is to do regular morning exercise, to eat healthy products, to sleep at least 8 hours a day and to quit bad habits. The good thing is that people are becoming more health-conscious. In my opinion, the number of smoking and alcohol drinking people is decreasing in our country. This is happening because people started to understand how dangerous these two bad habits are.

I prefer to run in the park and slogan play tennis in summer. I go to the swimming pool twice a week the whole year round. Swimming increases the respiratory system. I also try to observe a day regimen. Every day i go to bed and get up at approximately the same time. I give special attention to meals. I dont eat fatty and high-calorie foods and I dont drink heavily gas-cut beverages. At my time of life some peers smoke and drink alcohol but I think that its dangerous for a human organism and sooner or later it will be injurious to our health.

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I consider that mans health depends on his mode front of life. To prevent the diseases its necessary to keep some simple regulations: to go in for sports, to eat carefully, to take a rest and to walk frequently in the open air. Im fifteen years old and the last three years I do my morning exercises. It inspirits and gives strength to me for a whole day. I add dousing with cold water in winter. I think that conditioning to the cold is the main method for preserving my health. My favourite winter sports are cross-country skiing and skating.

healthy way of life essay
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  1. Consequently, children may think it is alright to be aggressive in real life. Or ice hockey, can actually be a healthy way to relax and let off steam.

  2. At my time of life some peers smoke. Boris Berić course: Intr shyoduction to English Literature i shy ja london - the law of, life essay shyIn. Of course koskosh is not healthy, he.

  3. However, a healthy lifestyle includes not only some physical. You just need to cook seafood, dairy products, nuts and even meat in a right way. Healthy way of life, many people say that health is above wealth and do their best to be healthy. Essay on The story of my life, let me introduce myself.

  4. The best way to stay healthy is to do regular morning exercise, to eat healthy products, to sleep at least 8 hours a day and to quit bad habits. Im trying to keep a healthy diet,. Thus, Im sure that food can bring us some kind of pleasure, but I don't consider it the sense of our life.

  5. I've lived in the usa my whole life but I'd really love to travel. I totally understand your position about pocket money and the way you want. Nowadays healthy life -style is gaining more and more popularity. T: Yes of cause, you are right we are going to speak about health, health problems and healthy way of life.

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