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Did you know that Aang is a vegetarian? In the last episode of this season, we see how Fire nation ships end up this way. These weapons were designed after those used in ancient China. Aang just realized he's missed a hundred birthdays. That's a lot of birthday candles. This isn't the last time aang and Katara will be behind bars. Also not the last time aang gets everyone into trouble.

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Longest ski jump: 239 meters. Penguins voiced by dee bradley baker. Most avatar animals are a cross between two animals. Aang and Katara penguin sledding. Note the otter whiskers. They look similar to a mustache style called the fu manchu. The fu manchu was made popular by kung fu movies. Avatar is considered a kung fu show. Fish are the primary food source for penguins and otters. No animals were harmed in the making of this episode. Actually, aang loves animals.

Katara's signature hair loopies. Common in the southern Water Tribe. Katara's chores: Clean igloo. Fire-jabs are the most common attack moves for firebenders. Uncle Iroh's nickname is the Dragon of the west because resume he can breathe fire. Sokka is the oldest male in the southern Water Tribe. Holding in your pee can cause bladder problems. And can make you squirm. Appa's tail makes a great ski jump.

dragon resume yelp

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Aang is the youngest airbender to become a master. Hence the tattoos at age. This is the first episode with Gran Gran. And the next episode is her last. Later, we learn about Gran Gran's romantic past with a waterbending master named pakku. Showboating: (v) to show off. Aang desk is good at showboating.

The southern Water Tribe. Aang has a bad poker face. Katara doesn't play poker. A good flashback moves the story forward. Saltwater freezes at -1.8 degrees Celsius,.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Airbenders receive their tattoos when they become masters. Americans can't get tattoos until they're. Or have their parent's permission.

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dragon resume yelp

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You don't want to be around when they have a cold. Midnight sun madness: An acute mental disorder brought on by the never ending summer days of the south Pole. In the avatar World, people learned to bend the elements by watching animals. Example: Airbenders originally learned to airbend by watching flying bison. It's been a while for Appa.

Advice: If you want to win over the heart of a girl. It's never a good idea to stare at her. Symbolism: The use of visual elements to represent an idea. The fire nation symbolizes the negative effects of modern industry. And Uncle symbolizes relaxation.

Love at first sight. Aang introducing himself to sokka and Katara. Penguin sledding : Aang's idea of a great first date. Aang wears the traditional robes of airbending monks. Directing note: When revealing a new character. First show the top of the head.

Second, reveal an eyeball. Followed by the nose. Flying bison snot: 10 water. And 87 bison mucus. It's never a good idea to reveal too much to strangers. Especially ones that explode out of icebergs. An airbender's sneeze can create more propulsion than a modern day jet engine.

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The others are: The earth Kingdom, the water Tribe. And the air Nomads. What do you get when you cross a zebra with a seal? The markings on these tiles represent each of the four elements. The four elements are an important part of the series. Not a good way to check if someone's okay. But a good way to check tires.

dragon resume yelp

Sokka sarcasm in three, two, one. Referred to as sok-casm. Angry someone waterbenders have been known to "make waves". Advice: avoid strange blue glowing things. Also, don't eat yellow snow. First time aang appears in the entire series. If you don't count the intro. Not every "country" is referred to as a "nation". In fact, the fire nation is the only one.

"warrior's wolf knot". Ice dodging is a skill learned by all Water Tribe men. In nautical terms, the left side is referred to as "port side". Sokka hasn't mastered ice dodging yet. Watch the episode, "Bato of the water Tribe".

Avatar Extras on episodes of the first book. List of information by episode the boy in the Iceberg aang still encased in the iceberg. Lowest land mass in the southern words Hemisphere. Many people think toilets in the south Pole flush counter-clockwise. But the seats are very cold. Average yearly temperature: -49 degrees. Fishing is the main source of food in the southern Water Tribe.

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Fandom, english, promotional logo for, avatar Extras. Avatar Extras was an event hosted by nicktoons in which episodes. Avatar: The last Airbender were shown report along with a series of pop-up "extras in the form of on-screen text bubbles, which gave facts and humorous comments. The extras were written. Joshua hamilton and, katie mattila. The information provided by this event is slightly regarded as canon, though it is hard to differentiate between what is intended to be humor and what is intended to be factual. Regardless, avatar Extras has helped the expansion of topics and subjects that were only briefly introduced during the series by various means, such as providing official terminology as well as specifying pieces of information and the exact age of certain characters. Below is a list comprised of trivia and information released.

dragon resume yelp
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