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book report beispiel

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Bourgeois uses an asymmetry of some sort to break the deadlock. In nature one such asymmetry is possession of a resource. The strategy is to play a hawk if in possession of the resource, but to display then retreat if not in possession. This requires greater cognitive capability than Hawk, but bourgeois is common in many animal contests, such as in contests among mantis shrimps and among speckled wood butterflies. Social behaviour edit Alternatives for game theoretic social interaction Games like hawk dove and War of Attrition represent pure competition between individuals and have no attendant social elements. Where social influences apply, competitors have four possible alternatives for strategic interaction. This is shown on the adjacent figure, where a plus sign represents a benefit and a minus sign represents a cost.

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This is because in the story war of attrition any strategy that is unwavering and predictable is unstable, because it will ultimately be displaced by a mutant strategy which relies on the fact that it can best the existing predictable strategy by investing an extra small. Therefore, only a random unpredictable strategy can maintain itself in a population of Bluffers. The contestants in effect choose an acceptable cost to be incurred related to the value of the resource being sought, effectively making a random bid as part of a mixed strategy (a strategy where a contestant has several, or even many, possible actions in his. This implements a distribution of bids for a resource of specific value v, where the bid for any specific contest is chosen at random from that distribution. The distribution (an ess) can be computed using the bishop-Cannings theorem, which holds true for any mixed strategy ess. 17 The distribution function in these contests was determined by parker and Thompson to be: p(x)ex/VV. The result is that the cumulative population of quitters for any particular cost m in this "mixed strategy" solution is: p(m)1em/V,displaystyle p(m)1-e-m/v, as shown in the adjacent graph. The intuitive sense that greater values of resource sought leads to greater waiting times is borne out. This is observed in nature, as in male dung flies contesting for mating sites, where the timing of disengagement in contests is as predicted by evolutionary theory mathematics. 18 Asymmetries that allow new strategies edit Animal Strategy Examples: by examining the behaviours, then determining both the costs and the value of resources attained in a contest the strategy of an organism can be verified In the war of Attrition there must be nothing. There is however a mutant strategy which can better a bluffer in the war of Attrition Game if a suitable asymmetry exists, the bourgeois strategy.

A safer strategy of lower cost display, bluffing and waiting to win, is then viable a bluffer strategy. The game then becomes one report of accumulating costs, either the costs of displaying or the costs of prolonged unresolved engagement. It is effectively an auction; the winner is the contestant who will swallow the greater cost while the loser gets the same cost as the winner but no resource. 15 The resulting evolutionary game theory mathematics leads to an optimal strategy of timed bluffing. 16 War of attrition for different values of resource. Note the time it takes for an accumulation of 50 of the contestants to quit. The value(V) of resource contested for.

book report beispiel

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1 payoff Matrix for Hawk dove game meets Hawk meets dove if Hawk V/2 C/2 v if dove 0 V/2 given that the resource is given the value v, the damage from losing a fight is given cost C: 1 If a hawk meets. That in turn is determined by the results of all of the previous contests. If the cost of losing c is greater than the value of winning V (the normal situation in the natural world) the mathematics ends in an ess, a mix of the two strategies where the population of Hawks is V/C. The population regresses to this equilibrium point if any new Hawks or doves make a temporary perturbation lab in the population. The solution of the hawk dove game explains why most animal contests involve only ritual fighting behaviours in contests rather than outright battles. The result does not at all depend on good of the species behaviours as suggested by lorenz, but solely on the implication of actions of so-called selfish genes. 1 War of attrition edit main article: War of attrition (game) In the hawk dove game the resource is shareable, which gives payoffs to both doves meeting in a pairwise contest. Where the resource is not shareable, but an alternative resource might be available by backing off and trying elsewhere, pure hawk or dove strategies are less effective. If an unshareable resource is combined with a high cost of losing a contest (injury or possible death) both Hawk and dove payoffs are further diminished.

Main article: Chicken (game) The first game that maynard Smith analysed is the classic Hawk dove a game. It was conceived to analyse lorenz and Tinbergen's problem, a contest over a shareable resource. The contestants can be either Hawk or dove. These are two subtypes or morphs of one species with different strategies. The hawk first displays aggression, then escalates into a fight until it either wins or is injured (loses). The dove first displays aggression, but if faced with major escalation runs for safety. If not faced with such escalation, the dove attempts to share the resource.

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book report beispiel

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The attractors (stable fixed points) of the equations are equivalent with evolutionarily water stable states. A strategy which can survive all "mutant" strategies is considered evolutionarily stable. In the context of animal behavior, this usually means such strategies are programmed and heavily influenced by genetics, thus making any player or organism's strategy determined by these biological factors. 13 14 evolutionary games are mathematical objects with different rules, payoffs, and mathematical behaviours. Each "game" represents different problems that organisms have to deal with, and the strategies they might adopt to survive and reproduce. Evolutionary games are often given colourful names and cover stories which describe the general situation of a particular game.

Representative games include hawk-dove, 1 war of attrition, 15 stag hunt, producer-scrounger, tragedy of the commons, and prisoner's dilemma. Strategies for these games include hawk, dove, bourgeois, Prober, defector, Assessor, and Retaliator. The various strategies compete under the particular game's rules, and the mathematics are used to determine the results and behaviours. Hawk dove edit solution of the hawk business dove game for V2, C10 and fitness starting base. The fitness of a hawk for different population mixes is plotted as a black line, that of dove in red. An ess (a stationary point) will exist when Hawk and dove fitness are equal: Hawks are 20 of population and doves are 80 of the population.

3) Based on this resulting fitness each member of the population then undergoes replication or culling determined by the exact mathematics of the replicator Dynamics Process. This overall process then produces a new Generation P(n1). Each surviving individual now has a new fitness level determined by the game result. 4) The new generation then takes the place of the previous one and the cycle repeats. The population mix may converge to an evolutionarily Stable State that cannot be invaded by any mutant strategy.

Egt encompasses Darwinian evolution, including competition (the game natural selection (replicator dynamics and heredity. Egt has contributed to the understanding of group selection, sexual selection, altruism, parental care, co-evolution, and ecological dynamics. Many counter-intuitive situations in these areas have been put on a firm mathematical footing by the use of these models. 11 The common way to study the evolutionary dynamics in games is through replicator equations. These show the growth rate of the proportion of organisms using a certain strategy and that rate is equal to the difference between the average payoff of that strategy and the average payoff of the population as a whole. 12 Continuous replicator equations assume infinite populations, continuous time, complete mixing and that strategies breed true.

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The system process has four phases: 1) The model (as evolution itself) deals with a population (Pn). The population will exhibit Variation among Competing individuals. In the model this competition is represented by the game. 2) The game degenerative tests the strategies of the individuals under the rules of the game. These rules produce different payoffs in units of Fitness (the production rate of offspring). The contesting individuals meet engelsk in pairwise contests with others, normally in a highly mixed distribution of the population. The mix of strategies in the population affects the payoff results by altering the odds that any individual may meet up in contests with various strategies. The individuals leave the game pairwise contest with a resulting fitness determined by the contest outcome, represented in a payoff Matrix.

book report beispiel

8 maynard Smith described his work in his book evolution and the Theory of Games. 9 Participants aim to produce as many replicas of themselves as they can, and the payoff is in units of fitness (relative worth in being able to reproduce). It is always a multi-player game with many competitors. Rules include replicator dynamics, in other words how the fitter players will spawn more replicas of themselves into the population and how the less fit will be culled, in a replicator equation. The replicator dynamics models heredity but not mutation, and assumes grey asexual reproduction for the sake of simplicity. Games are run repetitively with no terminating conditions. Results include the dynamics of changes in the population, the success of strategies, and any equilibrium states reached. Unlike in classical game theory, players do not choose their strategy and cannot change it: they are born with a strategy and their offspring inherit that same strategy. 10 evolutionary games edit models edit evolutionary game theory analyses Darwinian mechanisms with a system model with three main components population, game, and Replicator Dynamics.

with the problem of how to explain ritualized animal behaviour in a conflict situation; "why are animals so 'gentlemanly or ladylike' in contests for resources?" The leading ethologists niko tinbergen and Konrad Lorenz proposed that such behaviour exists for the benefit. John maynard Smith considered that incompatible with Darwinian thought, 6 where selection occurs at an individual level, so self-interest is rewarded while seeking the common good is not. Maynard Smith, a mathematical biologist, turned to game theory as suggested by george Price, though Richard Lewontin 's attempts to use the theory had failed. 7 Adapting game theory to evolutionary games edit maynard Smith realised that an evolutionary version of game theory does not require players to act rationally only that they have a strategy. The results of a game shows how good that strategy was, just as evolution tests alternative strategies for the ability to survive and reproduce. In biology, strategies are genetically inherited traits that control an individual's action, analogous with computer programs. The success of a strategy is determined by how good the strategy is in the presence of competing strategies (including itself and of the frequency with which those strategies are used.

It has in turn become of interest to economists, sociologists, anthropologists, and philosophers. Contents, history edit, classical game theory edit. Main article: Game theory, classical non-cooperative game theory was conceived by, john von neumann to determine optimal strategies in competitions between adversaries. A contest involves players, all of whom have a choice of moves. Games can be a single round or repetitive. The approach a player takes in making his moves constitutes his strategy. Rules govern teresa the outcome for the moves taken by the players, and outcomes produce payoffs for the players; rules and resulting payoffs can be expressed as decision trees or in a payoff matrix. Classical theory requires the players to make rational choices.

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Evolutionary game theory egt ) is the application of game theory to evolving populations in biology. It defines a framework of contests, strategies, and analytics into which. Darwinian competition can be modelled. It originated in 1973 with. John maynard Smith and, george. Price 's formalisation of contests, analysed as strategies, and the mathematical criteria that can be used to predict the results of competing strategies. 1, evolutionary game theory differs from classical game theory in focusing more on the dynamics of strategy change. 2, essay this is influenced by the frequency of the competing strategies in the population. 3, evolutionary game theory has helped to explain the basis of altruistic behaviours in Darwinian evolution.

book report beispiel
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