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Juve can't keep pace but suarez's speed, given his hip problem, is the least dangerous which gives them a chance but they still need Buffon to dig them out of danger with a low save to his right from suarez's scud. 47 min Fine link-up play from Morata who made some space for tevez with a crafty shove and then his partner wins the free-kick for a clip on his heels. It's 35 yards out and crossed in by pirlo but pique meets it and twists his neck to head out for a corner. 46 min Barca throw in on the right from the kick off and they shift it to the left, 40 yards out where neymar tries to curl in a throughball for suarez's run but its easily blocked by bonucci. 20.45 After that word from our sponsors, i'm back, with heat that would singe the devil. Juve are still in this. They might think it's over. 20.42 It could be worse for juventus, of course.

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Pirlo, whose influence is growing, chips it into the papers area, where morata heads over from the penalty spot. Juve are jabbing away like crazy here. Juventus 1-1 Barcelona (Morata) Tremendous move, made by marchisio's backheel to diddle Alba on the right then sent in a cross just behind tevez who turned just in the nick and essay stretch his leg to the extent of his hip-flexor limits to rifle a shot. The keeper dropped to his left to save but couldn't smother it and served it straight to morata to drive into an open goal. 53 min Mascherano who was the weak link at the back in the first half has Jordi Alba helping him out this half. Morata beat the Argentine but back came Alba to whip the ball away. 51 min Marvellous move from the front three with Messi peeling in from the right with the ball on his left foot. He shuttles a pass to neymar 18 yards out, back to goal who walls it back to him as does suarez. Two one-two's in succession. When he gets teh ball back 20 yards out on the left of centre, though, he fizzes his shot a yard over the bar. 49 min juve pour men into the box for the corner, lose the header and Barca break like the wind, five v three and tear up the left.

65 min This is as absorbing a game as you could wish for. And damn open now, too. Pirlo plays a sumptuous pass from centre to left for Evra's run. He centres and it's Pirlo who stops the essay counter with a sharp tackle forty yards out when Evra's ball is blocked. 63 min That came moments after Iniesta almost played Messi in in the box and is followed by pogba screwing a low shot straight into ter Stegen's arms after Evra went bombing down the left and scared the no doubt fancy pants off Alves. Tevez on the edge of the box after Vidal opened up Barcelona on the left. Morata teed up the pass to the edge of the box but tevez got under it and scooped it over. 59 min juve win a free-kick down the right.

best football autobiographies

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75 min A breather at last for a beleaguered mbmer but then Ter Stegen almost gives juve an equaliser when he dives headlong and punches a pirlo corner on to the bar and over for another. Pirlo tests him out again but Pique is on to it and Barca break up the left and are only halted by a trip that Barca characteristically make the most. Time is taken as is a free-kick, 22 yards out, five metres to the left of centre. 71 min It's all go - first suarez is booked for leaving a foot in on Bonucci then neymar has a goal chalked off for a header that he glances on to his hand which knocks it past Buffon. The hitherto superfluous behind-goal official agrees with juventus and the goal isn't allowed. Neymar almost loses it when he realises what's happened, wagging his finger like a demented Toni basil. Juventus 1-2 Barcelona (Suarez) Barely a minute after juve have a penalty appeal turned down when Pogba is forced to the ground with an arm wrapped round his neck, short iniesta and Alba work to release messi up the left from where he skitters into the. Rakitic or suarez are straight on to it, the latter winning the race to hook it in by the post. 67 min Here's the morata goal.

83 min Barca are playing for time with the referee but this past few minutes they ahve had no need to, using juve's lack of minutes to exploit any gaps. 81 min What a miss from Pique from a corner sent to the d that is cushion-volleyed over the top by rakitic for the centre-back to van Basten. John McEnerney writes Cometh the hour cometh King xavi! Fairytale script all that. One of the all time greats! 79 min Roberto pereyra replaces Vidal seconds after Pogba wastes a header. 77 min Messi takes it and balloons his shot over. As he turns to walk back, up goes the number board and xavi comes on to a raucous ovation for Andres Iniesta.

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best football autobiographies

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904 min, barca are kiiling it in the way they usually do, holding the ball high and inviting the foul, staying down awhile when they buy the free-kick. Suarez leaves to be replaced for the last knockings by pedro. It's another farewell performance, then. 902 min and Long ball up from Lichtsteiner diagonally to the inside-left channel where pogba runs around it to sell a dummy that allows tevez space to shoot from 22 yards which he does but curls a comfortable shot into ter Stegen's solar plexus. 901 min Mathieu enters. 90 min With rakitic back barca just about defend the corner and then win the second phase with a fine block tackle from Alba. There will be five minutes of injury time.

88 min Coman for Evra as juve go 3-3-4. And immediately marchisio shoots low from 30 yards and Ter Stegen has to push it round his left post. 86 min Extraordinary stretching from suarez straight out of the ministry for Silly walks but he is all right. But driver they've started to look shaky at the back again as Evra opens them up down the left and passes to Llorente who shields it and rolls it just beyond Pogba's optimum reach and he can only stab a shot at Ter Stegen. 84 min juve throw on Llorente for Morata who has played very well. Suarez, after a tussle with Bonucci, goes down clutching his knee which seemed to be twisted when he planted his foot awkwardly.

What an enjoyable, absorbing match. Barcelona have won their fifth European Cup in 23 years, their fourth Champions league in nine years. They have joined liverpool and bayern Munich in the quintuple stakes. They deserved it but juve had them rocking and played very well, particularly in midfield. But the movement and passing, long and short, picked juve off.

Juventus 1-3 Barcelona (Neymar and with the last kick of the game neymar arrows an arcing shot past a hopelessly outnumbered but classily courageous Buffon. The keeper had taken the free-kick and then had to race back as Barca beat him with quick interchanges from Messi to pedro to neymar on the left of the box and he lashed home the proverbial cherry on the cake. Suarez took so long to depart that there will be more time. Alves then handballs to waste more time. Juve free-kick on halfway. Buffon takes and is caught upfield when its headed clear.

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Earlier Michel Platini had greeted his compatriots at his old club with kisses for the French (Pogba and Evra) rather than French kisses. Though he does give andrea pirlo the most tender embrace. 22.00, we have a screengrab from the gyrowire camera, for what it's worth, of xavi lifting the trophy. Get out your spyglasses. 21.50, andres Iniesta is the man of the match. He will covet the lance todd trophy which is the king of all motm awards. But he can't have. Full time, in 36 games together this year, the season of Barcelona's second treble, messi, suarez and neymar have scored 87 goals.

best football autobiographies

Arsenal bank 3m as part of Vermaelen deal.16, how many things have we learned tonight? Cinq, cinque, fünf, fem, pump, cinco, vijf, five! suarez was right to quit liverpool (5 things we learned).11, and here is, henry winter on lionel Messi: The greatest player on the planet, lionel Messi, showed he has the strength of character to go with his formidable technical gifts. Last summer ended in the deepest of frustrations for the Argentinian plan with defeat in the world Cup final and some critics questioning whether his best days were behind him. Messi has responded magnificently, sealing the Treble here for Barcelona with involvement in their goals for ivan rakitic and luis suárez. Carry on reading here.10. Some reading for you. Here's, jason Burt 's match report: suarez secures Barca's fifth European Cup.06, that's better.

account of the relationship between the football and the state yet written, And the sun Shines Now is a brutal assessment of the modern game. 22.35, here's Gerard Pique with one of his unique souvenirs. We've read about his sort. 22.31, and luis Enrique's reaction with his players. 22.30, here's neymar's goal that finished the game. 22.19, jeremy wilson is our one-man Craig/Len/Bruno/Darcy. Here are his markings for the two teams tonight. Juventus 1 Barcelona 3: player ratings.17, arsenal are the true winners tonight.

On, 96 people were fatally injured on a football terrace at an fa cup semi-final in Sheffield. The hillsborough disaster was broadcast live on the bbc; it left millions of people traumatised, and English football in ruins. And the sun Shines Now is not a book about Hillsborough. It is a book about what arrived in the wake of unquestionably the most controversial tragedy in the post-war era of Britains history. The transformation of a game that once connected club to community to individual into a global business so rapacious the true fans have been forgotten, british disenfranchised. In powerful polemical prose, against a backbone of rigorous research and interviews, Adrian Tempany deconstructs the past quarter century of English football and examines its place in the world. How did Hillsborough and the death of 96 liverpool fans come to change the national game beyond recognition?

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The outspoken anonymous author is back with the ultimate book to challenge conventional footballing wisdom. With his trademark wit, intelligence and candour, the secret footballer will guide you through formations, tactics, mind games and everything else you need to know about what it takes to be a resumes pro. Includes: in-depth analysis of modern tactics; insight into the psychology of players on and off the pitch; tips on nutrition and fitness; how to deal with fans (including what its like to play in each Premier league ground in England a guide to modern footballing. If you want to know how to stop a player like cristiano ronaldo, or why exactly rooney is worth 300,000 a week, or who the greatest player of all time is, you will find it all here). Shortlisted for the gordon burn prize. We have a copy of the harrowing Hillsborough tale, and the sun Shines Now to give away to one lucky reader. If youve not heard about this football book before, its required reading to truly understand the brutal tragedy that happened in April 89 and how it has influenced the game ever since. To have a chance at winning the book, all you have to do is like our Facebook page, and share this post on Facebook too, featured in the observers sports writers books of the year.

best football autobiographies
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Autobiographies are subjective that way, but I can only do my best to show you what's in it, without being overly concerned with his. hogan biography on our list, this one is written by curt Sampson and is considered by many to be the best bio of Bantam Ben available.

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