Animal farm writing assignment

Animal Farm Lesson Plans for teachers

animal farm writing assignment

Animal farm by george Orwell, paperback barnes noble

The animals adorn the side of the barn with the seven Commandments of Animalism and agree to abide by these rules at all time. They declare that every animal is create equal and must not ever act in a way that a human would, this incudes not sleeping in a bed, killing their fellow animal, walking on two legs, consuming alcohol, etc. Lusting for power, Snowball and Napoleon soon become embattled in a struggle for leadership; a rivalry that spawns from Snowballs suggestion to construct a windmill. After the final discussion, napoleon enlists the aid of dogs, which he has secretly groomed to serve him, to turn on Snowball and chase him away from Animal Farm. With Snowball gone, napoleon has no trouble convincing the others that he was a negative influence on them and strips them of their right to vote. He insists that he will assume the burden of leadership and is aided by Squealer, an oaf of a pig who convinces the others that Napoleon acts in their best interest. Three weeks into his rein, napoleon decides to move forward with Snowballs plan to build the windmill. He puts the animals to work on construction and has Boxer lead them.

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Old Major knows that his life will soon end and feels it necessary to pass along a few words of wisdom. As the animals listen on intently, old Major explains to them that all of the suffering and misery endured by animals is caused at the hands of Man. He later proclaims that all animals are created equal and compels them to band together and rebel against their tormentors. He shares with them a song to lead their revolution, The beast of England. Sung to the tune of a mix. La cucaracha and, oh, my darling Clementine, it starts off, beasts of England, beasts of Ireland, beasts of every land and clime, harken to my joyful tidings, of the golden future time. Soon or late the day is coming, tyrant Man shall be oerthrown, And the fruitful fields of England, Shall be trod by beasts alone. Not much time passes before Old Major passes, however, two swine by the names of Snowball and Napoleon have taken a particular interest in his theories about Animalism and plan to carry out the ideas shared with them by Old Major. Three months after his passing, the animals rise up against. Jones and take control of the farm which is renamed Animal Farm. The cleverness of the swine, the tremendous strength of Boxer, the horse, and the complete absence trip of mankind allows Animal Farm to flourish.

Homage to catalonia) and lastly the struggles of Englands unemployed coal miners (. The road to wigan pier) to draw attention to mankinds nature to systematically oppress one another through politics, economics and physical capability. Orwell was deeply opposed to totalitarianism as is evident in one of his most prominent novels, Animal Farm. Orwell succumbed to a fatal lung condition at the age. Animal Farm inspired several other works, including the movie appropriately titled: Animal Farm. Summary, manor Farm, a modest English farm, is operated by the impetuous drunkard,. Late one evening, Old Major, a senior boar, summons all of the farms animals.

animal farm writing assignment

Analysis on, old Major 's Speech

We can help you, with your Research Paper, your Topic. Your e-mail, by surgery clicking Order Now!, you agree to our terms of service and business privacy policy. Well occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Introduction, eric Blair, or george Orwell as he would later come to be known as, spent most of his childhood in India. In early adulthood, he would serve on the Indian Imperial Police force in Burma. Orwell used his impoverished upbringing to pen an autobiography (. Down and Out in Paris and London) as well as his time in Burma (. Burmese days) and the Spanish civil War (.

The moral and the message that george Orwell tried to point out to us is not to be greedy, selfish, spoilt and to see things from others point of view. In the novel this was obviously napoleon and in the russian revolution this was Joseph Stalin. So this message gets the readers to think about the novel. George Orwell wrote a novel using animals, to tell people about the failure of the russian revolution. He used animals I think because, itd stand out more than using human figures. For example, if he just used human figures, then people would just think this is a novel to help people to study more about the russian revolution. But in the case that he used animals, people thought about the little freedom some animals get and they connected this to the russian revolution. So this is why i think george Orwell used animals instead of other figures.

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animal farm writing assignment

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So he seemed more like a hypocrite, he said one thing and done another. George Orwell wrote about this event in Animal Farm. This is when he described Napoleon being more a human farmer than one of the animals trying to rebel against the human farmers. This is very similar to the russian revolution case. Conclusion: The main points of this whole novel are that animals didnt have any freedom. Old Major who is well respected in the farm, essay spoke up and gave the other animals a big speech, about how they should do something about the way they were treated and their lack of freedom.

In the beginning, the humans and animals were enemies, but later in the last few chapters of the book, the animals realised that they were dying and they didnt have enough food among themselves. The animals and humans, right at the end of the book, later become friends. As generations went by, animals and humans were very close together. They all shared the same amount of work to do all the same things in life. You couldnt even tell the difference between man and pig. In my own opinion, i think george Orwell is trying to make a point to the readers about power. This is that power cannot buy essay you health, and money isnt always everything.

He tells them that all animals would later on live in a society where there is equality and freedom. Everyone agrees with joy. Another event, which was a major part in the russian revolution, in my opinion, was when Trotsky was a brilliant speaker in one country, and hed been in charge of the red Army during the civil War. So he wanted the russian revolution to spread across the whole world and make it a permanent revolution. George Orwell wrote about this in Animal Farm in chapter 4, when Snowball wanted the rebellion to spread across other farms in England.

This meant that all the animals across the whole world could work together and be much more powerful than their oppositions, the humans. Another event in which inspired me and which I think is important in the russian revolution is when the enemies now seemed to be friends. Much of the propaganda of the past 10 years was re-written. Stalin was now able to get away with this because he controlled soviet life. George Orwell wrote about this event in chapter. This is when the animals cannot understand why the humans (previously their enemies) were now their friends. The pigs even invite their human friends for a party. One other event, which shocked me, that took place in the russian revolution is when Stalin seemed to behave more like czar, then a man trying to build the new society. Czar was the main reason why they started the russian revolution in the first place.

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Old Major has a dream in the fable, that all animals would have a better life, better future, where there was a society of equality and freedom for the animals. Old Major organises a meeting and tells the animals about this bizarre dream, and plans to make it come true. All the animals agree with enthusiasm and have full potential to go ahead. In this essay, i will try and explain how resume george Orwell connects the russian revolution to the novel-Animal Farm. I will also explain, the moral behind the story and what the author is trying to say to the readers when writing this book. In my opinion, one important event in the russian revolution which stood out to me and shocked me was when many ideas came from Karl Marx, a german economist, whose major work das Capital proposed a society in which all people would be free and. Marx died in 1883 and never saw the revolution he had inspired. George Orwell wrote about this event in chapters 1 2 of Animal Farm. This is when Old Major inspires everyone with his heart-warming speech and convinces everyone to have a rebellion.

animal farm writing assignment

The only reason they would believe this is because of their lack of education and knowing nothing other than what Napoleon has said. George Orwell revealed in Animal Farm that being uneducated makes one more vulnerable to being taken advantage of through the song adjustments to the commandments, distinction of different working patterns, and the superfluous amount of authority napoleon had. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world said Nelson Mandela, former president of south Africa. The extra step a person takes to become educated will be the best one he makes. George Orwell, author of Animal Farm, extracted events from the russian revolution and wrote this great novel. This book is based on the russian revolution itself. Many characters in the novel represent certain people who took a major role in the russian revolution. For example, napoleon represents Joseph Stalin, he tried to build the new society, but later in the book he got carried away with his greed and selfishness.

with not helping the farm prosper. Lastly, animal Farm exhibited manipulation through the power Napoleon took. After Snowball was chased away from the farm, napoleon had no one to compete with when it came to leadership. He made the rule there would be no more debates (54). In other words, the animals could not openly disagree with the things he said or did. In one occasion, the hens rebelled against him because he wanted to make a profit from the hens eggs. Napoleon ordered the hens rations to be stopped, and decreed that any animal giving so much as a grain of corn to a hen should be punished by death (76). After this situation, no other animal dared to protest against Napoleon. Eventually, they formed the mindset that Napoleon was always right, specifically, boxer (56).

Squealer used his persuasive powers to convince the animals it had been this way so no questions would be asked. Another instance of the commandments being altered is when the pigs shmoop cut the seven Commandments into one phrase that said, all animals are equal/But some animals are more equal than others (134). Equal in this phrase takes on a different meaning. It is saying all animals are equal, but some are better than others. The changes that were made to the commandments prove that the pigs took advantage of the other animals lack knowledge. Next, Orwell shows the controlling ways of the pigs through the difference in work ethics between the pigs and the rest of the farm. The animals worked like slaves, whereas, the pigs should have a quiet place to work in (59, 66). Basically, all of the animals worked very hard while the pigs stayed in the house educating themselves; they considered themselves the brains of the farm (66). Napoleon rarely appeared in public, but spent all his time in the farmhouse, is a prime example of what the farm was like most of the time (75).

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Throughout slogan history, education has always been important. The Greek philosopher, Epictetus, wrote in his novel, discourses, only the educated are free. being educated opens many doors and opportunities that can get a person very far in life. In Animal Farm by george Orwell, lack of education leads to manipulation through the changes to the commandments, the difference in work ethics of the pigs, and the excessive power of Napolean. First, Animal Farm demonstrates manipulation through the constant changes the superior animals made to the commandments. Whenever Napolean and the other pigs made changes to the commandments, they made the rest of the animals think it had been like that all along. The fourth Commandment said, no animal shall sleep in a bed, but later in the story, squealer added words to the commandment and made it say, no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets (24, 67).

animal farm writing assignment
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  3. I love teaching Orwell s Animal Farm to my high-school freshme. Packet that walks them through writing an analysis on the prompt: Pick one. Opposition of george Orwell, who wrote the novel Animal Farm. Line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been against totalitarianism.

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  5. On In Assignment Sample. Througho ut history, education has always been important. This writing assignment based on Animal Farm by george Orwell asks students to wri te what happens either ten minutes or ten years after chapter ten and. Animal Farm - scavenger Hunts - set of 4 This product is a set of Scavenger Hunts based on Animal Farm by george Orwell.

  6. George Orwell, author of Animal Farm, extracted events from the. And what the author is trying to say to the readers when writing this book. Animal Farm: george Orwell - assignment Example.

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