Write about your holiday plan

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write about your holiday plan

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He jumped up and shouted for help. People ran from the beach into the water to help him. They thought he was dead. The hotel — keeper ran down to the beach too. He thought someone was drowning. In a very short time there were about fifty or sixty people. They were standing round Robert. They all wanted to know what was going.

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Tell about a holiday you enjoyed. I thought It was a shark last year my friend taken Robert went to a small seaside town for a week's holiday. Robert usually takes his holiday in June but last year he took it in August. He didn't take many clothes with him — only a few shirts, a pair of shorts and his swimming-costume. He went from London to the sea town by train and the journey took three hours. Robert likes travelling by train. He stayed at a small hotel summary near the beach. Every morning before breakfast he ran down to the sea and had a quick swim. Sometimes he took a boat and went fishing for the day. Once he jumped into the water when a big crab bit him.

She bought words a lot of Italian pop records and brought them back to England. Listen to the text "Ann goes to Italy". Ask and answer questions on the text. Tell about Ann's trip to Italy. Situation: your friend has just come back from his holiday. You are asking him about. What/do in the evenings? Meet any interesting people? Have a good time?

write about your holiday plan

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She toured Italy by coach. She saw a lot of interesting places. She ate spaghetti in Rome, drank coffee in Venice and took offer a lot of photographs. The sun shone every day. She lay in the sun and swam a lot. She stayed in Italy for a month. She wrote postcards to all her friends and relatives. She met a lot of interesting people in Italy.

I hope you had a good time. Act out the conversation. Situation: you meet a friend of yours. He says he has just returned from Moscow. It was his first trip there. He's full of impressions. Listening, ann goes to Italy, ann is a student at London University. Last summer she flew to Italy.

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write about your holiday plan

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Helen: I'm quite all right, thank you. Come and see great me age some day, will you? Peter: I'd be delighted. Helen: see you soon. Listen to the conversation and answer the following questions: Where did Peter spend his holidays? Did he have a good time in Brighton?

Was he there alone? How is Helen getting on? Give synonymous expressions from the text: I'm glad to see you. How are you keeping? How about coming to see me one of these days? I'm fine, thank you.

Helen: Yes, i was there last year. It's a nice place, isn't it? I hope you enjoyed yourself greatly. I had a very nice time. The weather was fine.

I swam much, lay in the sun and made a lot of friends. Helen: Did you go to Brighton alone? Peter: no, together with my cousin Dick. You remember him, don't you? Has he finished school yet? Peter: Yes, he is a student at Oxford University. And how are you getting on? I haven't heard from you lately.

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Helen: good morning, peter. Hope you are well. Haven't seen you for ages. Where have you been all house this time? Peter: i've just arrived from Brighton. I spent my holidays at the seaside. Have you ever been there?

write about your holiday plan

Has the she made her plans yet? Why can't she afford going abroad this year? Where might she spend her holiday this year? What makes Ireland a possible choice? Read the conversation and analyse its language peculiarities. Give a brief account of the conversation. Ask questions on the conversation. Situation: your friend and you are making plans for the coming holidays. After the holidays, peter: It's nice to see you, helen.

are! Mary: If you decide on Ireland you can call in on them. Jill would willingly put you up for a few days, i'm sure. Jane: That's a good idea! I haven't seen Jill for more than three years now and I'd like to know how she's getting. Listen to the conversation "Holiday plans" and answer the questions: When is Jane taking her holiday?

For you well-off people, but I couldn't possibly afford. I'm much too hard up at the moment. Mary: The air-fare is quite hotel expensive, i admit, but you needn't spend a lot when you get there. Jane: i've already spent a lot of money this year. My flat was done up last month, so i haven't got much to spare for expensive holidays abroad. Mary: Oh, i see. Jane: Perhaps I'll just go to Scotland or Ireland in the end.

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Mary: have you had your holiday for this year, jane? I'm taking it at the end of September. Mary: Where are you going? Have you made up your mind? I thought of going to Spain again, but i've already been there hotel twice and I'd like to try somewhere new. Mary: my brother's just gone to mexico for two weeks. I had a card from him yesterday and he seems to be having a good time. Why don't you go there?

write about your holiday plan
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Write about a holiday you spent at the seaside. Describe your sightseeing in a town of special historical interest. I did not think that the forest is so interesting!

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  1. Write a letter to your friend asking to join and explainWhy you are taking a holiday what is your holiday planWhy would you like him to come? Listen to the conversation "Holiday plans " and answer the questions: When is Jane taking her holiday? Has she made her plans yet?

  2. Speak and write about holiday plans. First of all we are going to practice words and phrases and to speak about your holiday plans. Look at the examples of exercise 1 and make up the sentences about your future holidays. «My familys plans for summer holidays».

  3. I am planning to meet my grandmother during this summer holiday. Its been 2 years since i met her. I miss her and she is waiting for me with a special gift. Write a letter to motherland or country.

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