Youth of today's generation essay

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youth of today's generation essay

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From which of them? Do you mean from those carried on by youth and bodily strength? Are there then no old mens employments to be after all conducted by the intellect, even when bodies are weak? Maximus did nothing; nor. Aemiliusyour father, Scipio, and my excellent sons father-in-law! So with other old menthe fabricii, the curii and Coruncaniiwhen they were supporting the State by their advice and influence, they were doing nothing! To old age Appius Claudius had the additional disadvantage of being blind; yet it was he who, when the senate was inclining towards a peace with Pyrrhus and was for making a treaty, did not hesitate to say what Ennius has embalmed in the verses.

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Besides this there is a quiet, pure, and cultivated life which produces a calm and gentle old age, such as we have been told Platos was, who died at his writing-desk in his eighty-first year; or like that resume of Isocrates, who says that he wrote. When some one asked him why he consented to remain so long alivei have no fault, said he, to find with old age. That was a noble answer, and worthy of a scholar. For fools impute their own frailties and guilt to old age, contrary to the practice of Ennius, whom I mentioned just now. In the lines like some brave steed that oft before The Olympic wreath of victory bore, now by the weight of years oppressed, forgets the race, and takes his rest he compares his own old age to that of a high-spirited and successful race-orse. And him indeed you may very well remember. For the present consuls Titus Flamininus and Manius Acilius were elected in the nineteenth year after his death; and his death occurred in the consulship of Capeio and Philippus, the latter consul for the second time: in which year i, then sixty-six-years old, spoke. 12 The fact is that when I come to think it over, i find that there are four reasons for old age being thought unhappy: First, that it withdraws us from active employments; second, that it enfeebles the body; third, that it deprives. Of each of these reasons, if you will allow me, let us examine the force and justice separately. O ld age withdraws us from active employments.

What a wealth of conversation! What a wide acquaintance with ancient history! What an accurate knowledge of the science essay of augury! For a roman, too, he had a great tincture of letters. He had a tenacious memory for military history of every sort, whether of Roman or foreign wars. And i used at that time to enjoy his conversation with a passionate eagerness, as though i already divined, what actually turned out to be the case, that when he died there would be no one to teach me anything. What then is the purpose of such a long disquisition on Maximus? It is because you now see that an old age like his cannot conscientiously be called unhappy. Yet it is after all true that everybody cannot be a scipio or a maximus, with stormings of cities, with battles by land and sea, with wars in which they themselves commanded, and with triumphs to recall.

youth of today's generation essay

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Nor was he less eminent in civil life than in war. In his second spondylolisthesis consulship, though his colleague would not move in the matter, he resisted as long as he could the proposal of the tribune. Flaminius to divide the territory of the picenians and gauls in free allotments in defiance of a resolution of the senate. Again, though he was an augur, he ventured to say that whatever was done in the interests of the State was done with the best possible auspices, that any laws proposed against its interest were proposed against the auspices. I was cognisant of much that was admirable in that great man, but nothing struck me with greater astonishment than the way in which he bore the death of his sona man of brilliant character and who had been consul. His funeral speech bill over him is in wide circulation, and when we read it, is there any philosopher of whom we do not think meanly? Nor in truth was he only great in the light of day and in the sight of his fellow-citizens; he was still more eminent in private and at home.

Four years after that I was elected quæstor, holding office in the consulship of Tuditanus and Cethegus, in which year, indeed, he as a very old man spoke in favour of the cincian law on gifts and fees. 10 Now this man conducted wars with all the spirit of youth when he was far advanced in life, and by his persistence gradually wearied out Hannibal, when rioting in all the confidence of youth. How brilliant are those lines of my friend Ennius on him! For us, down beaten by the storms of fate, one man by wise delays restored the State. Praise or dispraise moved not his constant mood, True to his purpose, to his countrys good! Down ever-lengthening avenues of fame Thus shines and shall shine still his glorious name. Again, what vigilance, what profound skill did he shew in the capture of Tarentum! It was indeed in my hearing that he made the famous retort to salinator, who had retreated into the citadel after losing the town: It was owing to me, quintus Fabius, that you retook tarentum. Quite so, he replied with a laugh; for had you not lost it, i should never have recovered.

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youth of today's generation essay

Essay on the youth culture of today

If I had been a seriphian, said he, even I should never have been famous, nor would you if you had been an Athenian. Something like this may be said of old age. For the philosopher himself could not find old age easy to bear in the depths of poverty, nor the fool feel it anything but a burden though he were a millionaire. You may be sure, my dear Scipio and Lælius, that the arms best adapted to old age are culture and the active exercise of the virtues. For if they have been maintained at every periodif one has lived much as literary well as longthe harvest internal they produce is wonderful, not only because they never fail us even in our last days (though that in itself is supremely important but also because the. Take the case.

Fabius Maximus, the man, i mean, who recovered Tarentum. When I was a young man and he an old one, i was as much attached to him as if he had been my contemporary. For that great mans serious dignity was tempered by courteous manners, nor had old age made any change in his character. True, he was not exactly an old man when my devotion to him began, yet he was nevertheless well on in life; for his first consulship fell in the year after my birth. When quite a stripling I went with him in his fourth consulship as a soldier in the ranks, on the expedition against Capua, and in the fifth year after that against Tarentum.

We do wish very much, cato, if it is no trouble to you, to be allowed to see the nature of the bourne which you have reached after completing a long journey, as it were, upon which we too are bound to embark. I will do the best I can, lælius. It has often been my fortune to hear the complaints of my contemporarieslike will to like, you know, according to the old proverbcomplaints to which men like. Albinus, who were of consular rank and about my time, used to give vent. They were, first, that they had lost the pleasures of the senses, without which they did not regard life as life at all; and, secondly, that they were neglected by those from whom they had been used to receive attentions.

Such men appear to me to lay the blame on the wrong thing. For if it had been the fault of old age, then these same misfortunes would have befallen me and all other men of advanced years. But I have known many of them who never said a word of complaint against old age; for they were only too glad to be freed from the bondage of passion, and were not at all looked down upon by their friends. The fact is that the blame for all complaints of that kind is to be charged to character, not to a particular time of life. For old men who are reasonable and neither cross-grained nor churlish find old age tolerable enough: whereas unreason and churlishness cause uneasiness at every time of life. It is as you say, cato. But perhaps some one may suggest that it is your large means, wealth, and high position that make you think old age tolerable: whereas such good fortune only falls to few. There is something in that, lælius, but by no means all. For instance, the story is told of the answer of Themistocles in a wrangle with a certain Seriphian, who asserted that he owed his brilliant position to the reputation of his country, not to his own.

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In the next place, in what way would old age have been less disagreeable to them if they were in their eight-hundredth year than in their eightieth? For their past, however long, when once it was past, would have no consolation for a stupid old age. Wherefore, if it is your wont to admire my wisdomand I would that it were worthy of your good opinion and of my own surname of Sapiensit really consists in the fact that I follow Nature, the best of guides, as I would a god. It is not likely, if she has written the rest of the play well, that she has been careless about the last act like some idle poet. But after all some last was inevitable, just as to the berries of a tree and the fruits of the earth there comes in the fulness of time a period of decay and fall. A wise man literature will not make a grievance of this. To rebel against Natureis not that to fight like the giants with the gods? And yet, cato, you will do us a very great favour (i venture to speak for Scipio as for myself) ifsince we all hope, or at least wish, to become old menyou would allow us to learn from you in good time before it arrives. I will do so without doubt, lælius, especially if, as you say, it will be agreeable to you both.

youth of today's generation essay

Men, of course, who have no resources in themselves for securing a good and wallpaper happy life find every age burdensome. But those who look for all happiness from within can never think anything bad which Nature makes inevitable. In that category before anything else comes old age, to which all wish to attain, and at which all grumble when attained. Such is Follys inconsistency and unreasonableness! They say that it is stealing upon them faster than they expected. In the first place, who compelled them to hug an illusion? For in what respect did old age steal upon manhood faster than manhood upon childhood?

of Tithonusfor a mere fable would have lacked convictionbut in that of Marcus Cato when he was an old man, to give my essay greater weight. I represent Lælius and Scipio at his house expressing surprise at his carrying his years so lightly, and Cato answering them. If he shall seem to shew somewhat more learning in this discourse than he generally did in his own books, put it down to the Greek literature of which it is known that he became an eager student in his old age. But what need of more? Catos own words will at once explain all I feel about old age. C ornelius, s cipio, a fricanus ( the younger ). G, aius, l aelius. Many a time have i in conversation with my friend gaius Lælius here expressed my admiration, marcus Cato, of the eminent, nay perfect, wisdom displayed by you indeed at all points, but above everything because i have noticed that old age never seemed a burden. Your admiration is easily excited, it seems, my dear Scipio and Lælius.

For i know how wellordered and equable your mind is, and am fully aware that it was not a surname alone which you brought home with you from Athens, but its culture and good sense. And yet I have an idea that you are at times stirred to the heart by the same circumstances as myself. To console you for these is a more serious matter, and must be put off to another time. For the present the I have resolved to dedicate to you an essay on Old Age. For from the burden of impending or at least advancing age, common to us both, i would do something to relieve us both: though as to yourself i am fully aware that you support and will support it, as you do everything else, with calmness. But directly i resolved to write on old age, you at once occurred to me as deserving a gift of which both of us might take advantage. To myself, indeed, the composition of this book has been so delightful that it has not only wiped away all the disagreeables of old age, but has even made it luxurious and delightful too. Never, therefore, can philosophy be praised as highly as it deserves, considering that its faithful disciple is able to spend every period of his life with unruffled feelings.

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youth of today's generation essay
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With greater power comes greater responsibility. 2014; Is the growing level of competition good for the youth? By the later 1960s, previously under-regarded fm radio replaced am radio as the focal point for the ongoing explosion of rock and roll music, and became the nexus of youth-oriented news and advertising for the counterculture generation.

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  1. In the 1950s, hungarian photographer Robert Capa used Generation x as the title for a photo-essay about young men and women growing up immediately following World War. In 1976, English musician Billy Idol used the moniker as the name for a punk rock band, based on the title of a 1965 book. 2014: write one essay from each sectionSection-A.

  2. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can view samples of our professional work here. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and. The term "Generation X" has been used at various times throughout history to describe alienated youth.

  3. Ive been researching generational differences for 25 years, starting when I was a 22-year-old doctoral student in psychology. Typically, the characteristics that come to define a generation appear gradually, and along a continuum. Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student.

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