Essay about nuwara eliya

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essay about nuwara eliya

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Leaves pinnate compound, alternate, leaflets 3 pairs and a terminal. The relationship of this tree to canarium species in Madagascar, Andaman Ils and mauritius has been discussed. See canarium Madagascariense no images. Zeylanicum are currently available. For images of related species see images This is an increasingly rare tree, and produces a gum-resin similar to "Dummala". See dummala, traditional resin The place names based on "kaekuna" are, as far as we know, found only in the north-western province and southern province. Those in the north-Western province are: kekunagahakotuwa, kekunagolla, kekunawala, kekunewa Those in the southern province are: kekanadura, kekunawela, kekunawila however, the tree has been recorded in other areas including the matale district.

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(tea also reduces the level of cholesterol and fat in blood though in small amounts). A japanese study has shown that those who drank more than five cups of green tea daily had a 26 reduction in death from a heart attack or a stroke compared to those who drank one cup or less. The effect was more pronounced in women. A review in 2009 of 51 green tea studies showed drinking three to five cups a day lowered the risk of ovarian, colorectal, lung and prostate cancers. Drinking one to four cups of black or green tea has been linked with a lower risk of Parkinson's disease, according to the national Institute global of health of usa. There is data to show that tea reduces lung damage in smokers and prevent lung cancer but it is better not depend on tea to do the prevention but give up the killer fag! Canarium zeylanicum, Aleurites triloba (candle nut tree) The nuts of this tree have been used by ancient indegenous people who inhabited Sri lanka. Thus, excavations in Bata-domba-lena, a rock shelter used by early homo sapiens, have yielded Canarium nut residues. See dorian Fuller et al kekuna, kaekuna, kakuna - pakkilipal- The name is recorded in Clough, 1892, p 139. There is a sinhala saying: "Val oouro kaekuna thalana vita haban kukulanta magul" a very large tree, with a pale, smooth, thin bark, buttressed roots and densely fulvous pubescent young shoots.

This process called fermentation can be stopped by heating and resultant wilting. The method of preparation affects flavor as well as the nutritional content. Black tea is made from leaves that are wilted bill and fully oxidized, oolong is wilted and only partly oxidized, green is wilted but not oxidized while white tea is neither wilted nor oxidized, made from very tender buds before they acquire chlorophyll. Tea plant has a high sensitivity to and absorption of environmental pollutants like fluoride and aluminium, old leaves containing high levels of both. Though the danger from aluminium is only theoretical, it is advisable for people living in high fluoride areas to moderate tea consumption but in low fluoride areas this may be an advantage, preventing tooth decay. Tea has many health benefits. The powerful antioxidant property of tea is likely to help in many ways: Drinking three or four cups of tea daily has been shown to reduce the chance of having a heart attack.

essay about nuwara eliya

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Low grown teas are less falvourful but richer in body (mostly due to tanins). The commercial teas are a blend of high-grown and low-grown teas. There are six main varieties of tea; white, yellow, green, oolong (half-fermented variety black (fully fermented and post-fermented (pu-erh) tea, yellow and pu-erh are not usually available in the essay market.80 of the tea consumption is black, though in China and Japan the most popular. Iced tea is the most popular tea in the us; it is consumed in large amounts but is very unhealthy healthy as it is full of sugar! Syamaparni The japanese tea ceremony' is a highly important iconic Japanese cultural practice. Here green-tea powder is used in a ritualistic way. Thayilai, tey after picking, tea leaves begin to oxidize and darken due to the breakdown of chlorophyll, the green pigment, by enzymes in the cells which releases tannins.

"Calophyllum antillanum" is a "Domba" species valued for its timber. Known (a costatolide, or Calanolide B). Images and write up, camellia sinensis, China tea, images and short write. Family: Theaceae (tea family it was known in China from ancient times. The (as in, thé bes   The gaha, the kola tea was introduced into Sri lanka in the 19th century when the previous cash crop, coffee, suffered disease. James taylor, a scottish planter who arrived in Sri lanka in 1852 developed St Clair talawakele as a tea plantation, and the first shipment to london auctions was in 1875. A monument to him by sculptor Sarath Chandrajeewa stands their today. Ceylon tea' soon became the major export of the country, and the best tea comes from the highest elevations in the hill country. Nuwara Eliya tea, close to talawakele where the tea research Institute (TRI) is located, is a very high-quality tea.

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essay about nuwara eliya

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Hence the name may have come into the Dravidian languages via prakrit to tamil Prakrit, with the first recording in the cankam period, that is, much later than the sanskrit forms. Place names: Dombape (Punanai dombatuva (Punanaitupe dombape (Punnalai dombakaduva (Punnalakadduvan). Bata-domba-lena, the sinhala name "Domba" is most probabaly a distortion of the. Sanskrit "Champa" which is possibly used in Pali as well. According to the "lanka chronicle" write up: "The fruit has a hard shell and the kernel yields an oil which is used as a medicine for rheumatic pains and is also one of the five kinds of oil known. In some parts of India the oil has a reputation as a cure for Scabies. The bark of the tree is used as an antiseptic; internally, preparations of the bark are used in cough.".

The domba latex is said to contain an anti-hiv agent (a coumarine). See report by sino, dodier and Sotheesvaran, bioorganic medicinal Chemistry letters, vol 8, 3475 (1988). "Calanolide A: a natural Non-Nucleoside reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor." Bulletin of Experimental Treatments awk for aids. Sarawak mediChem Pharmaceuticals, Inc. February 5, 1998; September 30, 1998. The future of Life. See entry under Calophyllum Lanigerum.

See dorian Fuller et al punnaga, naga-champa, the sanskrit name "Pun-naga" is sometimes claimed to have a "dravidian" etymology. In reality, it means "small" naaga tree, where "Pun" is cognate with the English "Puny" French puî né :younger (sibling Latin Postia,. E., secondary, or small podi" in Sinhala). In Sanskrit "puna" means a "repeat form in this case, of the Ironwood tree. Hence "Pun-naaga" is meant to indicate a secondary type of Ironwood naa tree in Sinhala).

However, botanically Ironwod and Domba are not related. In any case, the sanskrit name "Punnaga" is a true sanskrit/Prakrit word, and the tamil name (first seen in the cankam period literature) comes many centuries after the occurance of words like "puna" and "Naga" in Prakrit. Hence the Dravidian languages may have acquired it from older Indic languages. It is noteworth that the sinhala name "Domba" is derived from the "Champa" form of the nme, and not the punnaaga form. The name "Punnai" in Tamil and its cognates found in other Dravidian languages such as Punna (Malayalam ponne, honne (Kannada ponne (Tulu and Ponna (Telugu) are sometimes regarded as words of Dravidian etymology. However, the word has no clear meaning in Tamil (while "Ponna etc., could mean gold although it has a clear meaning in Sanskrit/Prakrit.

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He is currently the President for the negombo region of Chefs guild of Lanka. To relax Kennedy loves to listen to retro music, and ensures that he has quality time with his family). Calophyllum inophyllum (Alexandrian laurel there are some 200 species of Calophyllum, a medium sized timber tree. Calophyllum cordato-oblongum and Calophyllum cuneifolium are species of the calophyllaceae family found only in Sri lanka (2006 iucn red List of Threatened Species). Domba "Tel empire Domba "Batadoma" and "Pithi domba" are variates, whose exact botanical names are yet to be listed. "Batadombalena or "Batadomba-lena" is the place name of a rockshelter in the rainforest of southwestern Sri lanka. It has yielded some of the earliest evidence of Homo sapiens in south Asia. Early human foragers were present at Batadomba-lena from. 36,000 cal bp to the terminal Pleistocene and Holocene.

essay about nuwara eliya

grown or imported, factors like climate can affect the texture and taste. However, today the conditions are much betterhe says, with the market being flooded with hundreds of different ingredients. Passionate about authentic Sri lankan fare kennedy took part in a very successful Sri lankan food Promotion in Switzerland, and always keen to share his wealth of knowledge, he takes an active part in the jetwing youth development Programme, training school leavers in the negombo. Keen to broaden his culinary horizons, he spends much time keeping up with the latest trends and trying out new dishes using a variety of ingredients - including experimenting with local spices. His innovations and ingenuity continues to impress guests at Jetwing Blue. My loyal team and i are deeply committed to give guests the very best we can offer he says. Quite a celebrity on national tv, kennedy is a popular presenter food programmes on mtv, swarnavahini and itn, he also compiles recipes for publications such as gourmet circle, food and health, and several local magazines.

With 2000 passengers on board, it was a tough challenge, and much hard work. However, he became an plan expert Mexican cuisine as there was a big demand for it from the passengers. The nice thing about being on the cruise liner was the sense of comradeship among the staff of different nationalities said Kennedy. Seeking terra firma again, he returned to the middle east joining the Sheraton in Oman. And, coming back home to Sri lanka, kennedy joined the taj Airport Garden (current Gateway airport Hotel katunayake as a sous Chef. His long and illustrious relationship with Jetwing began when he joined Jetwing beach as Executive sous Chef and was soon promoted to Executive chef at Jetwing Blue. During his overseas sojourns Kennedy honed his knowledge of different cuisines.

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You can be very creative with seafood, and i enjoy working with any kind seafood. I am planning to have a prawn promotion called Prawn Passion early in 2016 at Jetwing Blue. A veteran Master Chef with over 36 years in the industry, kennedy has been winning hearts with his inimitable culinary flair at Jetwing Blue for a decade. Born in Pamunugama, he completed his education at Gonzalves College, pamunugama. Drawn to the prospects of the culinary arts and the hotel and leisure industry, he joined Hotel seashells, negombo - (currently jetwing sea) as a kitchen trainee, moving onto mount royal hotel in mount lavinia (now Berjaya mount royal). After a successful tenure there as head cook kennedy sought greener pastures in the middle east, namely the kingdom of saudi Arabia. On his return front to Sri lanka he joined the ramada renaissance, colombo (now Cinnamon lakeside) as a chef de partie. His career took a diversion when he joined a cruise liner in miami touring the mediterranean islands.

essay about nuwara eliya
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