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Photo of "the old man jay clark, a captain. Clark seems to have acquaintances, mostly young women, in every port, so we get a glimpse of wartime civilian life in San Francisco, wellington nz, melbourne, au, etc. Clark received his training in the cadet Corps, class of 1940. On pearl Harbor day he is Second Mate on an Army Transport, usat. Besides the Army Transport, he sailed on "merchant" ships, such as the delBrasil carrying a seabees construction battalion to the south Pacific, and was Captain of the xapa young America, a navy attack Troop Transport which had 89 merchant mariners and 145 navy personnel and. What a unique combination! It gives the reader various perspectives on the war effort. Clark is torpedoed in the north Atlantic, survives the murmansk run, transits the Indian Ocean, red sea, mediterranean sea, and countless islands in the pacific.

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That episode is well described through the eyes of Koreans, two members of the crew, and (General) Alexander haig. Who was then a general's aide. Gilbert also"s from previous interviews and statements by the late captain leonard la rue. At times it's obvious that the author filled in space with "background" to stretch the book to 200 pages, but that's a minor annoyance. The story of "the greatest rescue operation by a single ship in the history of mankind" is compelling and well worth reading. Clark, kings point, new York: American Merchant Marine museum, 2000. Available from Xlibris, m essay or your local bookseller "SSS" was the radio call meaning "under submarine attack" a call heard much too frequently on merchant ships during World War. Captain Clark has written an outstanding 500 page memoir of his war assignment years. The book is not just a memoir - it's a lesson in history geography, local customs and navigation, because Clark annotates his voyages with brief explanations about the discovery of an island, the island's geography, climate, etc. He explains the war situation at that point in time, which helps us understand why his ship is going somewhere. There's never too much explanation to get in the way of the main story, and it adds plenty of flavor.

Kearny, nj ship of short Miracles: 14,000 lives and One miraculous voyage, bill Gilbert, Chicago: Triumph books, 2000. Available from Barnes and Noble bill Gilbert's previous 17 books are mostly as co-author with sports and tv stars such as duke snider, Elvin hayes, and Larry king. Release of this book was timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the korean War and one of its most dramatic episodes - the evacuation of Hungnam. Gilbert gives a good accounting of the outbreak of the war, the invasion of Inchon, and the. Thrust to the north, resulting in the debacle at Chosin Reservoir. He follows the troops and individuals Koreans as they flee towards Hungnam where merchant and navy ships await them. "Ship of Miracles" refers to the ss meredith Victory - a ship with no passenger quarters - which took aboard 14,000 North Koreans fleeing from communist occupation on a 3 day voyage to safety.

book reviews au

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This book could have been named "Everything you want to know about privateers.". Time, magazine said, "This nautical encyclopedia is a working wonder not to be missed by anyone who cares about the sea.". It's a great deal at 10 plus.25 S/H. Checks or money orders only. The book is soft cover, 96 pages. Please make payment to: ammv-nj, carl. Washer 474 Chestnut.

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book reviews au

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Glencannon Press, reminick followed up his first volume of stories he collected from World War ii mariners, with a second volume. The stories in this one are arranged mostly by region - north Atlantic, pacific, northern Russia, plus the merchant Marine Academy, tankers, storms and the like. These are all genuine "first person" stories, not "recycled" from old books. This book is a great improvement over Reminick's first volume. This time reminick was not afraid to edit out the mundane from articles submitted by old salts, so the book reads well. Patriots and Heroes, volume 2 is a great addition to your library! Pirates patriots of the revolution: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Colonial seamanship,.

Keith Wilbur, Old saybrook, connecticut: The Globe p"Press, 1973, 1984. I paragraph was quite surprised upon opening this book to discover i knew it well as, "Picture book of the revolution's Privateers found at our local library. I guess the old title wasn't sexy enough for the mtv generation and someone decided to rename. Fortunately, the publisher only changed the cover and nothing else, for this is a wonderful book for both adults and children. Doctor Wilbur must have wonderful hands - his pen and ink illustrations are superb! There are several illustrations on each page, mostly based on museum artifacts. Shipbuilding, battle tactics, daily life at sea, prison life, financial rewards, navigation, waterproofing of clothing, are just some of the topics - all meticulously researched, and explained through diagrams and sketches.

Reminick's extensive bibliography shows he put a lot of work into this book. He organized his book in logical fashion: pre-war, why men joined the merchant marine, action on various oceans, storms, d-day, last voyages, etc. Nearly every chapter includes poems by ian. Millar related to the topic of the chapter. It's a good concept and the stories are very interesting. Unfortunately, reminick lacked a good editor.

I got a bit confused right in the first chapter. I had trouble keeping track of who was telling the story as the account switched from an enemy submarine, a torpedoed British ship, and an American rescue ship. A number of stories are based on diaries kept by mariners and include much too much of: "Clocks were set ahead again last night." "Nothing very exciting happened today." "Just took a shower." Instead of a good, tight, story, 4 or 5 pages long, the. A good editor also would have caught mistakes such as the soviet Union fighting at the "Western Front.". In spite of these problems, the book is interesting and definitely worth reading. Merchant Marine in World War. Benicia, ca: Glencannon Press Maritime books, 2004.

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Bechtel were building the first of 93 ships. Marinship built 15 Liberty and 78 T-2 tankers, including the famous "Mission" tankers. The shipyard delivered its last ship in October 1945, and was decommissioned in may 1946. The book examines race and social relations at the yard: the policy of discrimination against African-Americans by the boilermakers union which led to a strike, relations with "okies" from the south, and the rise of women in the work force. You will enjoy and learn from this well-written, easy-to-read book. Patriots and Heroes:True stories of the. Merchant Marine in World War ii, gerald Reminick, benicia, ca: Glencannon Press Maritime books, 2000. Glencannon Press, books such as Patriots and Heroes are essential for documenting the heroic stories of mariners during World War. Gerald Reminick's book is a collection of mostly first-person accounts with added background material to put the incidents in context.

book reviews au

The chapters do not sail as does the ship from one point to another; each picks up at a different position and tackles a different aspect of maritime living. Even within chapters, one topic leads to another, sometimes without any notice. It is a charming sort of garrulity and puts one in mind of a most articulate old sea dog who has swallowed the anchor and sits on a waterfront bollard telling his lubberly acquaintances about what happens out there, just on the other side. Marinship at War, Shipbuilding and Social Change in Wartime sausalito, by Charles Wollenberg, western Heritage Press, po box 5108 Elmwood Station, berkeley, california 1990. This slim volume of 120 pages is packed full of interesting photos, stories and commentary about the beginnings of the great wartime effort to build ships "for victory.". In sausalito, california, residents of Pine hill, a small peninsula on the northern end autobiography of San Francisco bay were given two weeks to leave their homes. Within 9 months, the hill had been leveled and 20,000 workers employed.

won't allow their members to ship out for more than six months a year to insure that all hands. The average age of the Stella lykes's 32 crewmen is 51, and the captain sums up the situation: "This is now an old man's business. He's a romantic, even in the most casual, laconic way, and you can tell he dotes on talk of pirates, on the mention of strange ports and especially on those yarns that seamen spin. "looking for a ship" is not a treatise on the decline of the American merchant ere is not even an index. Style is what. McPhee is loaded down to the Plimsoll marks in: felicitous phrases, keen observation, the knack of unloading a cargo of information without hitting the reader on the head with a jumbo boom. Those who sail the Stella lykes are a competent, highly individual cast of characters, starting with the captain, a great-grandfather who might have been created by the people who coined the word "feisty." he runs a happy ship, has strong opinions on any subject, can't. McPhee's own cruise through the pages is not a simple here-to-there affair.

With the virtual disappearance of the oceangoing United States merchant marine, it would take a writer like john McPhee, who worries about things being lost to a bewilderingly voracious technology, to tackle the subject. His vehicle is the Stella lykes, a 650-foot elongated lykes Brothers surgery Steamship Company freighter, which he joined at the suggestion of his a "person in addition to crew in effect, a certificated kibitzer. He and the ship are off on a 42-day voyage to the west coast of south America from Charleston,. By the time he and we have debarked, we have come to know the crewmen and the routine aboard a modern cargo ship. But there are reminders that all these are mere frills of a calling that routinely is at the mercy of weather and wave, with collision and shipboard accident always waiting, just off the starboard beam, with sinkings and vanishings still a possibility in seas that. And on some runs, there are still pirates. But worst of all, for those who make their living at it, there are virtually no ships, or that was the case when.

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Over 1400 book reviews, covering all kinds of books — fiction and nonfiction, with a broad range of genre and subject. History - literature - popular science - computing - sf fantasy - biology - historical fiction. Browse by: Subject (20 fiction genres, 90 nonfiction categories, 30 country pages). Title or, author (alphabetical) or, best ( * / * great/fantastic search the book reviews, support this site by buying books (or anything else) from. Amazon, amazon uk, or, wordery. Looking for a ship, john McPhee, new York: The noonday press, farrar Straus Giroux, 1990. Excerpts from book review in the. New plan York times, december 25, 1990, by, richard. Shepard, good books, or for that matter any books, about American merchant seamen are in short order, particularly these days when the bookshelves are filled with volumes about other endangered species.

book reviews au
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  3. The big book of pain: Torture & Punishment Through History mark. Donnelly, daniel diehl. Free shipping on qualifying offers. Explaining the mechanics of torture—even now a controversial topic—this history questions why so much effort has been put into causing pain to fellow human beings.

  4. Australian book review (ABR) is Australia's leading arts and literary review. Created in 1961, and now based in Melbourne, abr publishes reviews, essays, commentaries and creative writing. Book reviews about American Merchant Marine in War. Good reading Magazine helps readers around Australia discover the best authors, books and writing from here and across the globe.

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