Where do you see yourself in 5 years essay

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where do you see yourself in 5 years essay

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College is great, but I had nothing, i had no one, i had a completely different life. I was 6000 miles away from the place i used to call home, 6000 miles away from my family and friends, but wait. Suddenly it hit me, i was also 6000 miles away from my troubles, from all the things that made me unhappy. So i decided to make the most of what I had and Ill let you in on a little secret, i didnt really have a choice, being on my own meant doing everything on my own and I didnt really have the money for. I started making friends, which by the way, is pretty hard, i could definitely say it was easier in high school, i loved my classes, i got a job and though I was free from my old troubles - i had a whole set. One semester and the dorm life was over. I moved into my first apartment in the middle of winter, roommates went home for the holidays, all the friends I had went home for the holidays. And thats when the nostalgia kicks in, when youre sitting in an empty apartment, in a place where you thought youd be happy and you realize you are completely and utterly alone for the holidays.

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I traveled a lot as a child, trips around the. And Europe were a must, every year up until high school. Europe is glamorous, a wonderful place to live, pretty, never had anything missing from my life. Lived in a beautiful house, had a car, my parents never said no to anything. And guess what, this glamorous place where everyone dreams of traveling to and living there did not make me happy for one second. I busser was living in glamour and I was miserable. Now people would say that I was living a dream, but I wasnt living my dream. The moment I realized how unhappy i was, i sent in my college application, got accepted and took the first flight to pittsburgh,. Left the glamour and flew in with two suitcases and a carry-on bag. I wanted to be alone and away from everything, i wanted to be free. Things didnt really go as planned, like i said you can be miserable just about anywhere and in the beginning I was.

Dont get me wrong Im mother a very driven person when it comes to my career, but I have recently realized that none of those things really matter. What matters is that you live a happy life. So when you asked, i wasnt quite sure how to answer, but now i am In five years, i see myself as being happy with whatever I have. Quality company, a cup of tea, a good book, peace. Happiness is in the little things, freedom is in the little things. It doesnt really matter where you are or what you have, all that matters is that you are happy with what you have, otherwise you will be miserable in any situation. I feel like nobody would truly understand what i am trying to say without experiencing something that would bring those thoughts to them, like they say you have to walk a mile in a persons shoes to understand them. Well, so you can truly understand, today i will let you walk a mile in my shoes, and maybe, just maybe you will see the world differently.

where do you see yourself in 5 years essay

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So the next time someone asks me where do i see myself in five years Im gonna answer following: In five years Ill be scavenging for food walking through the desolated wasteland that was left from Europe after Putin started Nuclear War thinking that. Sorry, one detail Ill be wearing a blue jumpsuit with a number 13. Also heres more pragmatic view on the same question back from 2015. Why Where do you see yourself resume In five years? Is An Idiotic Interview question. The other day i was talking to one of my best friends about the future and we came across the infamous question: "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" Each of us shared our responses, but hers stuck with me, therefore i would like. But today i have a different answer. From a person that has traveled a lot and has had everything and then had almost nothing, i can assure you that you can be miserable just about anywhere and you can also be happy anywhere. Ive come to a realization that no matter the job, the car, the house or the money you could still be miserable.

And because changes in life become easier and less painful, in return were getting more and more of them per year. If youre a software developer in 2017, theres a good chance that you do two things: One youre working in Agile and two you do at least some kind of automated testing. Now whats Agile its a way to make changes easier. And whats automated testing a way to make changes less scarier. Im from Ukraine, you know. The state that has Lugansk and Donetsk. Two cities where people five years ago were asked right the same questions and, hell, nobody expected that the right answer was that their homes will be destroyed and they will be forced to flee and seek asylum or even be dead. On a larger scale no one expected five years ago that Trump will be a president of usa, united Kingdom will leave eu, yanukovich will flee ukraine, syria will be in all states of disaster and Bitcoin will cost more than the latest iPhone.

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where do you see yourself in 5 years essay

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Let me tell you something nobody plans anything for 5 years in advance anymore. The world where people did it is gone. Its too globalized now and its changing too fast. Hell I have troubles planning for one year. I have no idea if I will do the same kind of minister work in the same company.

Maybe some new awesome tech like alexa will catch my interest and Ill dive into. Maybe Ill see a business opportunity and make a startup. Or maybe i just buy 100 bitcoins and sell them for 5 times more money at the end of the year. Why didnt I do that by the way? The more important is our environment is changing too fast. The jobs becoming obsolete, the cities build up, new techs arrive, we become more knowledgeable about the world, innovations create more ways to get the same result but cheaper and faster. Take uber and Flixbus for start.

Perhaps you know you do want to advance, however, dont know specifically what that may look like. You might give an answer like: I have hopes of taking on new challenges and advancing my career when its appropriate. However, Im focused on the job at hand, and the pace that any advancement happens will be determined by whether ive earned it or not. If I perform beyond the companys expectations for as long as Im needed in the current role, i would hope there will eventually be opportunities to grow in the organization. It makes clear that you have a desire for growth, while still showing a commitment to the immediate task at hand. It shows you are committed to performing above expectations, and willing to wait for the appropriate time for next steps.

An answer like this can potentially satisfy a variety of desired responses from hiring managers. Think through whats true for you. What are your objectives, and how does the position you are interviewing for fit them? Ask several questions throughout the interview to determine how well the company and the position fits. Then give an answer that reflects your situation. Is a common question to be asked, so be sure to prepare your answer in advance! (Visited 10,064 time, 1 visit today). You know this classic question from recruiters, where do you see yourself in five years? They just love it, they think they check candidates career ambitions or maybe they think this is checking the candidates ability to plan or maybe they think if the candidate does not answer this question properly (s)he is not suited for the company cause.

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Asking what kind of future they envision for the person they hire, can give you insights as to whether they are looking for ambition, or simply a bill stable worker bee. Inquiring how long the previous person had been in the job and why they are gone can give further insight as well. Asking questions before you are asked this one can prepare you for the kind of answer they are looking for. When answering this question, the best policy (as always is honesty. If you have very specific goals and plans for your next 5 years, it does neither you, nor them, any good to paint a different picture. If this position, or the company doesnt fit for you to reach your objectives, then its probably not friendship the right position for you. Deceiving them about your objectives in order to get a job that doesnt help you achieve them is a recipe for dissatisfaction for both of you. If, however, your objectives for the next 5 years are not very specific and defined yet, then its also best to be honest about that as well.

where do you see yourself in 5 years essay

Perhaps they need someone that is at least willing to give a year to the position at hand before moving on to other opportunities within the organization. An answer that seems highly ambitious to them, that would require moving out of the current position quickly, may turn them off. Similarly, perhaps they see the current role as one thats a quick stepping stone to bigger and better roles. An answer that appears that you might become complacent or lack a desire for more responsibility may discourage them from pursuing you further as well. A good interview should always be a dialogue. As much as the employer is asking questions of you you should be asking questions of them as well. Asking them questions regarding expectations will give you a better understanding admission of their desire for the hire.

that can start in this role and run as far as their abilities can take them. However, its also possible that they want to hire someone that will be interested and satisfied in only this role for a long time. Perhaps they dont want someone looking for advancement, but rather, will fill this job well for the foreseeable future. Its possible the hiring manager for the role is concerned about their own growth potential and is leery of hiring someone that may outpace them. Or, they may specifically be looking for someone that has great potential and is willing to risk being overshadowed in order to gain a high-impact employee. How do they perceive you? Your answer to this question will certainly have an impact on weather they will move forward with you or not.

I interviewed someone a while back that had worked in the same sales role at a company for the past 11 years. He was an average performer and had built a stable book of business. However, now after a lay-off and when looking for a new job, his answer to this question is that he plans on becoming a divisional director at a large company. He may be empire capable of that kind of rapid advancement, however, his background shows no indication that he could accomplish that. After remaining stagnant for 11 years in the same job, what would make an employer think that now he would crank it up and achieve that kind of lofty goal? Rather than make him appear ambitious, it makes him appear as if hes an unrealistic dreamer. You may have lofty ambitions, and very good reasons why you would accomplish them. However, when answering this question in an interview, its important to give an answer that would be credible to the employer. If you have credible reasons why, and how you would achieve that kind of goal, describe it too them.

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Its not unusual for the question to be asked in a short job interview. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Its an important question, and its fraught with landmines. As a job seeker, you may have no idea what growth potential the company may offer or what the employer wants to hear. So how do you address the question Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Here are some things to consider. While you may think that they are looking for someone with great drive and ambition, its important to give an answer that sounds credible based on your past performance.

where do you see yourself in 5 years essay
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It is hard to explain. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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  1. On a beachno really on a beach. Todays guest post is from Simon Edmonston. I'm not sure how to fix these problems either so i feel uck.

  2. Check to see how motivated you are. Do you have the right characteristics for the job? The focus here is to be able to position yourself as an ideal candidate at this very moment in time — which for the hiring manager, means one wholl be there five years after theyve spent time and money hiring you. When I hear the question where do you see yourself in five years time, im tempted to say well, um, really.

  3. 20 Best Answers to Where do you see yourself in 5 years Time? I appreciate the opportunity to work with an organization that can help me build my career and challenge me to work with great enthusiasm and passion. I was wondering what an "acceptable" answer for "where do you see yourself in x years" for an operations/support role in AM? Everyone in MO/BO wants to make the transition into t my guess is that employers don't really appreciate that type of answer.

  4. Common Interview question Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Its a tough question. Yet if you are asked about where you see yourself in five years, you do need to come up with an adequate answer.

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