Treatment of data in thesis

Example of statistical treatment of data in thesis

treatment of data in thesis

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In order to achieve the proposed target, the current European scenario in terms of organic waste valorisation facilities and the emergence of these new policies, suggest a future proliferation of biological treatment facilities, among which there will be a lot of composting plants. Given this upcoming proliferation of composting facilities (and waste treatment plants in general the environmental impacts associated with the composting process must be taken into account, paying special attention to gaseous emissions resulting from biological degradation of organic matter. The main contaminants in these emissions are methane, ammonia, nitrous oxide and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Methane and nitrous oxide are considered greenhouse gases, while ammonia and voc are the main cause of odours associated with these treatment facilities. The composting Research Group (gicom where this thesis has been developed, has a wide research experience in composting, either studying the biological process itself, process control or process gaseous emissions at full scale. Besides, in recent years gicom has started a new research line exploring the potentiality of solid state fermentation (SSF) as another way to valorise organic wastes, commonly from industrial processes, with the aim of obtaining value_added products (enzymes, biopesticides, biosurfactants, etc.).

It is a part of your thesis where your gathered data is being solved., thesis -Statistical-, treatment

Volatile organic compounds emissions characterization. The thesis supervisors were Dra. Adriana Artola and. The Thesis Committee was chaired. Arturo Chica from Universidad de córdoba, dra. Estella pagans from the company Odournet and. David Gabriel from Universitat Autònoma de barcelona. Abstract: World economic growth during the second half of the xx century has caused a great increase in waste essay generation. This fact has been reflected in European policies which define the objective of recycling, at essay least, 50 of municipal waste before 2020. In the case of biodegradable organic wastes, this purpose can be achieved mainly through biological treatments such as composting and anaerobic digestion.

This burden of treatment represents the work of being a patient. It affects treatment adherence, quality of life and outcomes. In order to take into account this burden, clinicians and researchers needed tools to assess. Aïda bafeta Thesis healthy defended in 2015 Epidemiology and methodology of meta-analyzes network supervisor : Philippe ravaud Network meta-analyses are primarily meta-analyses; they are probably subject to the same types of bias and should therefore be performed according to the explicit and rigorous methods used. We assessed whether network meta-analyses follow the key methodological recommendations for reporting and conduct of systematic reviews, and how the results of network meta-analyses are reported. Bénédicte sautenet Thesis defended in 2015 Supervisor : Bruno giraudeau. On 4 February 2015 Caterina maulini defended his doctoral thesis entitled Study of gaseous emissions in biological processes intended for solid waste material recovery.

treatment of data in thesis

Docx mean weighted Arithmetic

Our objective was to evaluate the limits of the current ecosystem of evidence synthesis and to develop an alternative methodology. Anne rousseau thesis defended in 2016 Immediate postpartum hemorrhage severe. Analysis of environmental and organizational factors Supervisor : Philippe ravaud and Patrick rozenberg The objective of this PhD thesis was to develop and validate a methodology with dynamic case-vignette to study discrepancies with good practices and to assess determinants related to the organization of care. Amélie yavchitz Thesis defended in 2015 Dissemination of scientific findings from randomized controlled trials and systematic reviewss Supervisor : Isabelle boutron An accurate and complete presentation by authors of all the important information in report of randomized controlled trial (RCT) and systematic reviews (SR). Spin was defined as a specific way of reporting, deliberate or not, that can lead to a beautification of the data. We showed that 1) spin are disseminated in press releases and news and they are associated with an overestimation of the beneficial effect of treatment, 2) the addition of a limitation section in abstract of systematic reviews and meta-analysis does not impact the confidence. Finally, we developed a classification scheme of spin in systematic reviews and meta-analyzes, and we ranked spin in abstract according to their perceived severity Clémence palazzo thesis defended in 2016 Supervisor : Philippe ravaud and Serge poiraudeau clarisse dibao-dina Thesis defended in 2015 Supervisor. Patients are feeling increasingly burdened by their treatments.

Treatments in a, thesis or Experiment

treatment of data in thesis

Statistical Formula for, thesis

Phrase: In my PhD thesis, i modeled the macroscopic behavior of the scientific publication and peer-review systems, and I showed that the scientific community can collectively meet the annual demand for peer visit review, however, only 20 of researchers have been performing 69-94 of reviews. Moreover, my results indicated that peer-review systems which allow sharing of past reviews of rejected manuscripts between journals showed important advantages, such as improved peer-review efficiency, less reviewer effort and better scientific dissemination. Guillaume lonjon, thesis defended in 2017, use of propensity score in observational studies in surgery. Supervisor : Isabelle boutron, in this project, i aimed to 1) compare treatment effect estimates from non-randomized studies with ps analysis and rcts and 2) describe and assess the reporting and potential bias of ps analysis used in a sample of published observational studies assessing surgical procedures. Céline buffel du vaure, thesis defended in 2016.

Supervisor : Isabelle boutron, perrine Crequit, thesis defended in 2016. Network meta-analysis and oncolog, supervisor : Philippe ravaud and Ludovic Trinquart. Systematic reviews are essential tools to synthesize available evidence for therapeutic evaluation. Multiple treatments are now frequently available for a given condition. Patients and physicians want to know which one is the best among all treatments. Thus we need to retrieve and synthesize all available evidence across all treatments and furthermore to maintain it updated when new evidence and new treatments become available.

We highlighted major gaps in the effort of health research as compared to health needs, and the influence of different sponsors in the globalization of clinical research. Lee aymar Ndounga diakou, thesis defended in 2017, implementation of Results of Randomized Trials in Sub-Saharan Africa. Supervisor : Isabelle boutron, we found that ssa rcts investigate locally high burdened diseases, however these trials are frequently led by high income countries. Moreover, ssa rcts at high risk of biais could be changed in trials at low risk of bias with simple methodological adjustments of minor cost, and the completeness of the intervention description could be improved with the adherence to consort guidelines. Romana haneef, thesis defended in 2017. Dissemination and communication of clinical research evaluating treatments.

Supervisor : Isabelle boutron, this thesis assessed the prevalence of spin in google health news, classified different strategies of spin and identified that factors related to publication process were associated with high dissemination through online media. This work highlighted the importance of spin in mass media and provided a tool (classification of spin) to improve the dissemination and communication of research results. Alexandre vivot, thesis defended in 2017, medicine in Oncology: Translation of Genetic biomarkers Discoveries to the Clinic. Supervisor : Raphaël Porcher, we analyzed all the fda-approved drugs with a pharmacogenetic biomarker in their label and showed that (1) predictive biomarkers in the label of drugs is restricted in large part to oncology; (2) the level of evidence for clinical utility is often. Michaïl kovanis, thesis defended in 2017, modelling the complex system of scientific publication. Supervisors : Raphaël Porcher and Ludovic Trinquart.

Treatment of, combined Sewer overflows Using.2 Structure of the thesis

This doctoral thesis focused on medication adherence among patients with one or several chronic conditions and taking multiple medications. The first PhD project was the development of an instrument to assess medication adherence, with a essay drug by drug perspective. Validity and reliability of the tool were tested among 243 patients in France. The two other projects focused on the discordance between patients and physicians points of view about medication importance and on the estimation of the threshold for unacceptable risk of non-adherence according to 544 physicians for the most prescribed drugs in France. The results suggested a huge variation in physicians estimations according to the drug of interest. Ignacio atal, thesis defended in 2017, world maping of clinical trials. Supervisor : Raphaël Porcher and Ludovic Trinquart. In this thesis we mapped registered clinical trials at a macro-level,. We analyzed what clinical research is undertaken worldwide, where it is conducted, which diseases are studied, and who is supporting.

treatment of data in thesis

Mahesh Thapa: Transforming texts to maps: geovisualizing topics in texts. Bikesh Twanabasu: Sentiment Analysis in geosocial Streams by using Machine learning Technique. Anthony Twesigye: Improving public health in smart cities in the air pollution context. Pravesh Yagol: Improving the user knowledge and user experience by using Augmented reality in a smart City context. We would like to congratulate all our roles Master students who succesfully get their Master degree in geospatial Technologies! PhD defended elised t13:49:2000:00, stéphanie Sidorkiewicz, thesis defended in 2017, medication adherence among patients taking long-term treatments. Supervisors : Philippe ravaud and viet-Thi Tran.

state University. Eva gudumac, member doctor habilitat, professor, nicolae testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the republic of Moldova. Boris Curajos, member doctor habilitat, professor, nicolae testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the republic of Moldova. Olga tagadiuc, member doctor habilitat, associate professor (docent) Anatol Mustea, member doctor, associate professor (docent) Ghenadie scutelnic, member doctor Theses There have been written 7 theses, including 1 theses for the degree of doctor habilitate. (in this specialty) Under consideration 1 : Theses Archive: Select year. Last week master students who did their third semester at uji defended their thesis in Castellón. Ditsuhi Iskandaryan: Visualization and visual analytics of geospatial data for psychological treatment. Raquel Martín-pozuelo Ojalbo: Spatio-temporal Analysis of Sex-based crimes in Chicago.

Scientific novelty and originality: Determination of clinical, paraclinical and evolutive factors that influence the selection of the surgical method in treatment of staghorn stones as well as evaluation of both inflammatory and oxydative-antioxydative balance changes in such patients. Solved scientific problem: Nephrolithotomy without blood flow interruption and consecutive sutures aplications is associated with the following amelioration of kidney for function, in lesser degree affects kidneys morphology as well as provides the lower rate of complications. It was studied risk factors assessment for staghorn lithiasis surgery as well as for its functional and inflammatory complications. Theoretical and practical value of the thesis: It has been shown that nephrolithotomy is associated with more significant reduction of inflammatory and oxydative changes in comparison with other surgical treatments of staghorn stones. From practical point of view it is recommended to choose the nephrolithotomy without blood flow interruption (when it is possible) and with application of consecutive sutures. The thesis data were published in 19 reviewed scientifical works and were presented at 6 scientifical national and international events. The author has implemented 5 rationalization purposes in practical activity of the urological departament. Jana bernic doctor habilitat, associate professor (docent nicolae testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the republic of Moldova.

Thesis, on Treatment Of Alzheimers Academic paper writers

Status, the thesis was presented on the Approved by ncaa on the 7 October, 2015. Abstract.51 Mb / in romanian, thesis, cZU.91 Mb / in romanian 140 pages, keywords staghorn stone, renal function, renal dimensions, inflammation, oxydative-antioxydative balance, open surgery, nephrolithotomy, sutures. Summary, structure of the thesis: This. Thesis contains 140 pages, including introduction, 4 chapters and 149 references, 9 tables, 152 pictures loyalty and 4 appendices. Field of study: Urology. Purpose: to increase the efficiency of the open surgery in patients with staghorn stones by implementing modern imaging techniques and selecting optimal variant of nephrolithotomy. Thesis objectives: Determination of the role of clinical-paraclinical and imaging modifications in the selection of the open surgery method, evaluation of both the inflammatory and oxydative-antioxydative balance indices before and after surgery, assessment of the risk of development of intra- and postoperative complications as well. Study design: Comparative retro- and prospective study of different variants of open surgery for patients with staghorn stones. The data were obtained by consecutive enrollment of the patients and comparison of the surgery results at distance of 3 and 12 months.

treatment of data in thesis
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  1. underlying patterns and important features hidden beneath the immense complexity of data using sophisticated multilayer architectures).

  2. suppression rates compared to adults and data on long-term treatment outcomes of these children are largely missing. of the subtype but, more importantly, provides a starting for the development of treatment strategies targeted at a specific subtype. Neurotization in the treatment of brachial plexus injury. events, this thesis demonstrates that it is possible to model the key costs and consequences of chemotherapy adverse events, and that.

  3. of the thesis is to describe the process of treatment and common elements with regard to how it is perceived and experienced by the. on their treatment of the input data and the resulting expected (or unexpected) side effects they produce (e.g. This burden of treatment represents the work of being a patient. It affects treatment adherence, quality of life and outcomes.

  4. Essay spell Checker, do you need your paper sample of statistical treatment of data in thesis written asap? the basis of data from the experimental monitoring of Department of Physical geography and geoecology, faculty of Science, charles. third part of this thesis is focused on the development of indicators that are used to determine the current status of the water.

  5. Analysis of data is a very important chapter in dissertation writing since it consists of collected data as well as the analysis from. the team of, peter Schoenmakers (University of Amsterdam where he developed a research program focused on chemometric techniques for. scientific interest of this thesis, which is reflected by the papers published in high impact journals in the field of Environmental.

  6. Abstract The bachelor thesis deals with the progress in the treatment of intoxication by dialysis. The subject of this bachelor thesis is the issue of wastewater treatment, specifically in havlíčkův brod. Ditsuhi Iskandaryan: Visualization and visual analytics of geospatial data for psychological treatment. The thesis data were published in 19 reviewed scientifical works and were presented at 6 scientifical national and international.

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