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stylish writing online

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Org, so it gets sent to every userstyles. Org sub-domain as well. To stylishs very partial credit, the cookie is set to be very short-lived, and expires as soon as the browser is closed. This means that it is not appended to every tracking request - only the ones sent after the user logs in to userstyles. Org but before they next close the browser. However, it only takes one tracking request containing one session cookie to permanently associate a user account with a stylish tracking identifier. This means that Stylish and SimilarWeb still have all the data they need to connect a real-world identity to a browsing history, should they or a hacker choose. Its not news that browser extensions can be a security nightmare.

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I tried Base64 decoding it a second time: Pyrrhic victory. When I looked at the contents of the decoded payload, english i realized that Stylish was exfiltrating all my browsing data. I googled stylish spyware and found lots of shops selling fashionable espionage gear. I also found plenty of articles confirming that. Stylish were up to no good. I looked closer at the decoded payload and noted a unique tracking identifier. I remembered that I had signed up for a stylish account in order to share some of my distraction-hiding skins with the world. I wondered whether my session cookie would get appended to Stylishs tracking requests if I logged in to userstyles. Of course, it did. Stylishs session cookie is scoped to *.userstyles.

On the other hand, i never paid my uncle for any of the nice things he did for me, so what did i expect? Whilst looking at, burp suite, i noticed a large number of strange-looking requests going to erstyles. Http requests that send a large blob of obfuscated data to a url report ending in /stats are almost never good news for users. I noticed that the data blob contained only letters and numbers and ended in 3D, the url encoding for an sign. This made me suspect that the blob had been. I tried Base64 decoding it: Still nonsense. But the decoded string also contained only letters and numbers, and also ended in an sign.

stylish writing online

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Most prevalently, many websites use url tokens to allow users to reset a forgotten password. When a user clicks on the forgot your Password? Button, the website sends them an email containing a special link. This link points to a long url that looks something like. When the user clicks on it, the website reads the reset_token, looks up the corresponding user, and allows them to safely reset their password. However, if an attacker were able to intercept these urls and complete the password-reset process before the real user, they would gain total control over the account. Once again, Stylish hoovers up these password-reset urls, taking its users privacy and security into its own hands. Even though Stylishs new snooping functionality has been public knowledge since the similarWeb announcement, i only discovered it last week whilst doing some unrelated work on a different website. It was like catching my favorite uncle picking his nose and eating it and stealing my passport.

Stylish, academic, writing : Helen Sword

stylish writing online

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However, since they are part of the url, stylish happily records them and sends them back to the similarWeb servers. Their databases presumably contain business secondary login credentials for user accounts on any number of other services. Sensitive urls crop up elsewhere too. My online medical provider shows me my medical documents using secret, 1000-character long get urls (generated by Amazon S3) that expire within a minute. For these pages, no login authentication beyond simply knowing the url is required.

Anyone who guessed the authentication token in the url before it expired would be able to view and download my medical documents. In my opinion this is not best practice on the part of my online medical providers engineering team. But the real world is full of things that are not best practice, and no conventional attacker is actually going to be able to guess a 1000-character long url within a minute. Stylish makes life easier for them by harvesting the whole thing and recording it in their database. Now this stupid advertising company also owns pointers to my medical records. I really hope they never get hacked.

Im starting to feel like i might have become the product. I understand that it probably isnt SimilarWeb company policy to threaten to show their users browsing history to their mothers and rabbis unless they hand over a big pile of cash. But it wasnt Equifax company policy to lose all those social Security numbers either. The similarWeb Privacy policy says that they only collect non-personal data, and i assume that this is technically true. When you unwittingly entrust your personal data to a company like similarWeb, not only do you have to hope that they have no actively evil intentions (besides those listed on their pricing page). You also have to hope that they have good data access controls, no rogue employees, and strong enough security to prevent the theft of all their data (formerly your data).

Worse, even the filching of a nominally anonymized list of urls has significant privacy and security implications. De-anonymization using ip addresses and the specifics of a users browsing history is often straightforward. Who do you think that person visiting m/in/robertjheaton/edit might be? Single urls with no additional context can be very sensitive too. For example, some websites use urls containing special authentication tokens to log their users in automatically when they click a link in an email. When a user clicks on a link like., the website uses the long, secret login_token in the url as an alternative password, and logs the user into their account. This is a risky but sometimes defensible practice that relies on login tokens staying secret and unguessable.

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And for users like me who have created a stylish account on userstyles. Org, this unique identifier can easily be linked to a login cookie. This means that not only does SimilarWeb own a copy of our complete browsing histories, they also own enough other data to theoretically tie these histories to email addresses and loyalty real-world identities. Stylishs transition from visual Valhalla to privacy Chernobyl began when the original owner and creator of Stylish sold it in August 2016. In January 2017 the new owner sold it again, announcing that. Stylish is now part of the similarWeb family. The similarWeb familys promotional literature lists Market Solutions to see all your Competitors Traffic amongst its interests.

stylish writing online

Facebook news feed - gone. Twitter news feed - gone. Personal browsing history - gone. Quality of life and unexplained ennui - up and down respectively. Unfortunately, since january 2017, Stylish has been augmented with bonus spyware that records every single website that i and its 2 million other users visit. Edit - i am told that the Chrome version has had tracking since january 2017, but the firefox version has only had it since march 2018. Stylish sends our complete browsing activity back to its servers, together with a unique identifier. This allows its new owner, similarWeb, to connect all of an individuals actions into a single profile.

as he was all out of fucks to give. Thus, the slaves were read-only copies of master). Before it became a covert surveillance tool disguised as an outstanding browser extension, Stylish really was an outstanding browser extension. It bestowed upon its users nothing less than the power to change the appearance of the internet. Its extensive bank of user-made skins gave bright websites a dark background, undid disliked ui changes, and added manga pictures to everything that wasnt a manga picture already. I spent many wonderful hours in its simple css editor, hiding the distracting parts of the web whilst unknowingly being spied.

Thus, the slaves were read-only copies of master. But not to worry, he was a cripple. Then, run alex on : alex. Yields: 1:5-1:14 warning boogeyman may be insensitive, use garden boogey instead boogeyman-boogeywoman 1:42-1:48 warning master / slaves may be insensitive, use primary / replica instead master-slave 2:52-2:54 warning he may be insensitive, use they, it instead he-she 2:61-2:68 warning cripple may be insensitive, use person with. Integrations, contributing, alex is open source software and accepts requests from the community. Suggestions, feature requests, and issues are more than welcome. Requests can be submitted on, gitHub Issues.

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Alex - catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing. Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing, demo — /projects/oss/example, whether your own or someone elses writing, alex helps you find gender favouring, polarising, race related, religion inconsiderate, or other unequal phrasing. For example, when weve confirmed his identity is given to alex, it will warn and suggest using their instead of his. Online demo why, to get better at considerate writing. Catches many possible offenses, suggests helpful alternatives, reads plain-text and markdown as input. Stylish, command Line sh alex 1:5-1:14 warning offer boogeyman may be insensitive, use boogey instead boogeyman-boogeywoman 1:42-1:48 warning master / slaves may be insensitive, use primary / replica instead master-slave 2:52-2:54 warning he may be insensitive, use they, it instead he-she 2:61-2:68 warning cripple may. Js npm install alex -global, lets say looks as follows: The boogeyman wrote all changes to the *master server.

stylish writing online
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