My favorite day essay

Why, summer is my favorite season of the year Essay

my favorite day essay

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So, i treasure the time we have together. Contents, my favourite song : Essay, article, speech, ielts cue card, paragraph. My favorite song : love you zindagi. My favourite song : The list of favourite songs shows the most constant change in our playlist. Those songs are the ones who force us to put them on a repeating mode and listen for hours. Currently, a favorite song in my playlist is love you zindagi from dear Zindagi. This song has made get up from my cozy bed and move my body, it has made me say aloud love you zindagi, it has brought an inner happiness which is experienced while playing with the kid.

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Sometimes, our relatives will come along for dinner or the regional movies, adding to the fun. Later, my father will look at my schoolwork. He will praise me for my achievements, and correct me gently when he feels I have slacked. Sometimes, when I face difficulties in my studies, such as Additional Mathematics, or Physics, my father will explain the concepts. I look forward to this time with him, as I want to do well for my own sake, as well as to make my parents proud. When, we have finished, we just chat or watch television. Actually, nothing very exciting happens on the saturdays when my parents come home. We do very ordinary things - eating, chatting, grocery - shopping, and revising schoolwork. However, it is not the activities I look forward to but the people i am doing them with. This is the time that I feel most secure and loved. I know my parents will have to leave the next day.

Fortunately, my parents are both understanding, and try to keep our breakfast a light-hearted occasion. My father has two sisters in Bentong, and we usually go to his elder sister's house after breakfast. His younger sister's family will also drop over, if they are free. While the older writers folk chat in the living room, we usually go out to the orchard and relax under the trees. My aunt and grandmother will cook up a storm in the kitchen. They are excellent cooks, and, somehow, we always find space in our stomachs for the delicious food. In the afternoon, we often go to the supermarket to buy the household necessities. Then, sometimes, we go for a movie. We usually have dinner at the stalls.

my favorite day essay

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This life is my favorite part of the day, pouring out my heart to my mum, my closest confidante. When my father finally wakes up, we go out for breakfast. It is usually dim sum, my father's favorite breakfast food. This is a jolly family time. My father's jokes never fail to make us roar with laughter. Sometimes, my grandmother will tell my parents the news concerning our other relatives, including their illnesses or the bad behavior. My father will comfort her and try to encourage her to be patient and happy. When my grandmother gets into this mood, i cringe inside because i wonder whether she will mention my misdeeds.

It is a joyful feeling just to know that my parents are in the house and sleeping in their room. I know that my father will be very tired, after driving all the way home after a demanding day at work. So, i keep very quiet, allowing them to get all the rest they need. My mother usually wakes up first. "Where is my big girl? " is her usual greeting, followed by warm hugs and kisses. I will make her a cup of black coffee, just the way she likes it, and we will sit on the balcony, sharing our experiences since we last met.

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my favorite day essay

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My favorite day of the work. For only.90/page, order Now, i live with my grandmother in Bentong, whereas my parents live and work in kuala lumpur. They usually come home to see us once or twice a month. If they manage to get away, it will be on the weekend, usually arriving very late on Friday night. So, saturday is my favorite day of the week for that is the day i get to see my parents.

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my favorite day essay

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my favorite day essay
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Select a theme to see a frees essays listing. My favorite food Essay examples. However I click just sit quietly all the essay.

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  1. My favorite: I chose this picture because it makes me laugh. This was after our dance recital, and one of the girls was trying to take a picture with our senior, when another girl came. Photo Essay : Spring- day. Our Principal's name is Father d'souza essays - largest my favorite day essay database of quality sample essays and research papers on my best Gift Essay.

  2. Carry the best health and beauty aids. My favorite isle is the hair product isle;. There are many holidays across the year, and I like all of them. But Womens day is my favourite festival for several reasons.

  3. Cue card of my favourite song. Describe your favourite song essay. Energy needs by opting to use one day in the week for on-line lectures, tutorials. Be requesting Spanish students to complete an essay on that topic, or examining.

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