Guarding the golden door book report

Guarding the golden door: American Immigration

guarding the golden door book report

Book review: guarding the golden door by roger Daniels bartleby

The only provisions Venuss barque requires, are enough oil in the lamp and enough wine in the cup to see us through the night. The rest of the day was devoted to bathing, then supper. I had been invited to join good Milos elegant little table, and remembering Byrrhenas warning seated myself, as far as I could to avoid his wifes gaze; and as fearful, whenever I glanced at her face, as if I were staring into lake avernus. I kept turning around to look at Photis serving, and that restored my spirits. Evening came, and Pamphile looked at the lamp: What a monstrous rain-storm well have tomorrow! When her husband asked her how she knew, she replied the lamp had told her. Milo replied with a laugh: Were nourishing a mighty sibyl indeed in that light, one that looks on all heavens affairs, and the sun itself, from the crows-nest of the lamp-stand.

Daniels - guarding the golden door (2004) - synopsis nativism

Her ardour now began to rival my own, mounting to an equal crescendo of passion; her mouth opened, her breath was like cinnamon, and her tongue darted against mine with hotel a taste of nectar, in unrestrained desire. Im dying, i gasped, Im already lost unless you show mercy. After kissing me again, she answered: Dont despair! Since we both want the one thing, Im your slave; you wont have to wait much longer. When they light the torches tonight Ill come to your room. Off with you now and gather your strength: since Ill be battling with you all night, courageously and with spirit. Book ii:11-14 diophanes the Chaldaean, after this banter we parted. It had just turned noon when some gifts arrived from Byrrhena, a succulent pig, five chickens, and a cask of expensive old wine. So i summoned Photis: Behold, bacchus, the prompter and arms-bearer of Venus, has appeared as well. We should drink all this wine today, to quench modestys reticence, and inculcate spirit and vigour into our games.

Her soft luxuriant tresses were loosened to hang over her neck, to cover her shoulders and rest a moment on the slightly curved hem of her tunic, then gathered in a mass at the ends and fastened in a knot on the top of her. I could bear no longer the excruciating torment of such intense delight, but rushing at her I planted the sweetest of kisses on the place where her hair rose towards the crown of her head. She twisted her neck towards me biography then, and turned to me with a sidelong glance of those sharp eyes. Oh you child, she said, bittersweet the taste you sample. Take care not to feel a lasting ache from eating too sugary a honey. What matter, my jester, i replied, if youll revive me with a little kiss, Im ready to be stretched out over the flame and roasted. And with that I clasped her tight and started to kiss her.

guarding the golden door book report

Nonfiction book review: guarding the golden door

My first delight has also been why speak of anything else the hair on a womans head; to consider it carefully first in public, and enjoy it later at home. The reason behind this preference of mine is perfectly well-considered: namely that as the main part of the body openly and clearly seen its the first thing to meet the eyes. And then what gaily-coloured clothes do for the rest of the person, its own natural beauty does for the head. And finally when women wish to prove their true loveliness they remove their dresses, slip off their garments, wishing to show their naked forms, knowing they will be better liked for the blushing glow of their skin than the gilded tissue of silks. But in truth though its forbidden to say so, and I hope as such no dreadful example of it ever occurs if you were to shave the hair from the head of the most marvellously beautiful woman and leave her face naked of its natural. But when hair gleams with its own dear colour and brilliant sheen, when it flames to life in the suns rays or softly reflects them, and varying in shade displays contrasting charms, now shining gold massed in smooth honeyed shadows, now with raven blackness imitating. In the end, such is the glory of a womans hair that though she adorns herself with garments, gold and gems and other finery, unless her hair is groomed she cannot be called well-dressed. As for my Photis, her hair was not elaborate but its casualness added charm.

Guarding the golden door - curled Up With a good book

guarding the golden door book report

Guarding the golden door Shelf love

Id arrived at Milos door still debating with myself and, as they say, making the decision with my feet. I found that neither Milo nor his wife were at home, but only darling Photis. She was preparing diced innards done for stuffing, minced meat, soup from the offal, and what Id already divined with my nostrils, a wonderfully tasty sausage. She was neatly dressed in a linen tunic gathered in with a bright red band beneath her breasts, rotating the cooking pot in her flowerlike fingers, stirring it with a circular motion, at the same time flexing her body smoothly, her hips subtly wiggling, her. I was transfixed by the sight, completely stunned; I simply stood, and so did that which a moment before had been limply asleep. At last I spoke: How beautifully, how delightfully, my dear Photis, your hips rotate that little pot! What a lovely treat youre about!

Happy, and blessed for sure, that man whom youd allow a dip of his little finger. With a ready and witty tongue she replied: Away with you, my lad, keep far away from the heat. If the tiniest flame should touch you even lightly, youll be badly burned, and no one but me would be able roles to quench the blaze, i who season things sweetly, and know how to make a stew or a bed to please. Saying this she turned towards me and laughed. But I refused to go till Id diligently explored every aspect of her appearance.

Book ii:6-10 The charms of Photis. But my curiosity was aroused, and as soon as I heard the word magic instead of being cautious of Pamphile i longed to embark, willingly and of my own accord, on an apprenticeship in such matters, whatever the cost, and go leaping headlong into the. Mad with impatience, i loosed myself at last from Byrrhenas clasp as from handcuffs, added a quick farewell! And fled swiftly back to milos house. While speeding along like a man out of his mind, i kept talking to myself: Now Lucius keep your wits about you and stay in control.

This is the opportunity youve been waiting for. Youll have your fill of marvellous adventures as youve always wanted. Forget your childish fears, and get to grips with things vigorously, hand to hand; avoid any dallying with your hostess, and respect religiously good Milos marriage bed, though you can chase Photis the maid as much as you wish. After all shes pretty to look at, has playful ways, and shes as sharp as a needle. Last night when you were giving way to drowsiness, she led you to the bedroom in a friendly way, turned down the sheets seductively, tucked you in quite tenderly, and kissing you on the head showed by her expression how reluctant she was to leave. So that seems good and promising, quite favourable even, and though it may be bad for your health, let Photis be seduced.

M: guarding the golden door: American Immigration

When they had been dismissed she said: my dear Lucius, i swear by this goddess herself that Im very anxious and surgery fearful for you, as if you were my own son, and I want to forewarn you well in advance, beware especially of the evil. They call her the first among witches, mistress of every kind of fatal charm, who by breathing on twigs and pebbles and such like can drown all fruit the light of the starlit globe in the depths of Tartarus and plunge the whole world into primal. No sooner does she spy a handsome young man than, captivated by his looks, she directs her gaze and all her desire towards him. She sows the seeds of seduction, invades his mind, and fetters him with the eternal shackles of raging passion. Then any who are unwilling, rendered loathsome by their reluctance, in a trice she turns them into a rock, or a sheep or some other creature; there are even those she annihilates completely. Thats why i fear for you and warn you to take care. Shes always on heat, and you are young and handsome enough to suit. All this Byrrhena told me with great concern.

guarding the golden door book report

While we were talking in this manner, we had walked a short distance, and reached Byrrhenas house. Book ii:4-5 At Byrrhenas house, the reception hall, the atrium, was students especially beautiful, with a column at each corner on which stood a statue of a palm-bearing goddess, wings outspread, the motionless dew-wet feet barely touching the polished surface of the spinning globe,. Then a parian marble at the centre to balance these, an absolutely excellent work, carved in the likeness of diana running towards you as you entered, awing you with her divine majesty, her tunic sculpted by the wind. There were hounds of marble too, protecting her flanks; their eyes menacing, ears pricked, nostrils flaring, and jaws open so fiercely that if the sound of barking had reach you from nearby, youd have thought it had emerged from the marble; and then the noted. Behind the goddess was a cave in the rock, with moss and grass, and leaves, and bushes, and vines everywhere, and little trees blossoming in stone. Inside the cavern the statues reflection shone from the polished marble, and under its lip hung apples and skilfully carved grapes, art emulating nature in a work resembling reality: you would have thought them ripe for picking, at that moment when Autumn the harvester breathes. Actaeon was represented too, amongst the marble foliage, both in the stone and mirrored in the water, leaning towards the goddess, waiting with eager gaze for her to step into the pool, at the very moment of his transformation into a stag. As i examined the statuary, time and again, with intense delight, byrrhena spoke: everything you see is yours, she said. And with that she ordered the rest to leave so we could talk in private.

the physical resemblance is clear: not unusually tall, slight yet vigorous, a reddish complexion, tawny hair quiet plainly cut, the same alert blue-grey eyes, with. Lucius, she said, i raised you with these very hands, naturally, since Im not just a close relative of your mothers, i was brought up with her, and were both descendants of Plutarchs family, suckled together by the same wet-nurse, and reared in the bonds. Only our position in society differentiates us, since she married an eminent man, i a private citizen. I am Byrrhena, whose name i think youll often have heard among those who educated you. So come, and trust yourself to my hospitality, or rather to a house you must treat just like your own. Once my blushes had receded, i replied: i ought not to desert Milo, my host, without a reason, aunt. But Ill try hard to do what I can without failing my obligations. Whenever ive reason to come this way ill call on you without fail.

I stumbled upon the market. And there a woman was passing by with a large crowd of servants. I quickened my pace and caught up with her. The gold settings of her jewels, and the gold threads woven into her dress marked her out as the wife essay of some wealthy person. An old man weighed down by the years was clinging to her arm who, the moment he caught sight of me, cried: Its Lucius, by hercules, its Lucius! He embraced me and whispered something in the womans ear. Why dont you go and kiss your aunt?

Guarding the golden door by roger Daniels: review - the Great

Book ii, translated. Kline, copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved. This work may be freely reproduced, stored, and transmitted, electronically or otherwise, for any non-commercial purpose. Contents, book ii:1-3 Aunt Byrrhena, as soon as darkness had dispersed and the rising sun brought daylight, i emerged from sleep and bed. Anxious as ever to investigate, with all my excessive eagerness, the rare and marvellous, and knowing that there i was in the heart of house Thessaly, the home of those magic arts whose powerful spells are praised throughout the world, and remembering that my dear friend. Nothing I saw in that city seemed to me to be what it was, but everything, i thought, had been transformed by some dreadful incantation; the rocks I came across were petrified human beings, the birds I heard were people with feathers, the trees round. I was in such a state of awe, or rather so stupefied by the torments of longing, that though I could find not a trace, not a shred of what i yearned to see, i still kept wandering from place to place, like a man.

guarding the golden door book report
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