Features of report writing ks2

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features of report writing ks2

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Web design software. Word, publisher, hot Dog, Dreamweaver. Ict coverage: Communicate by email with a class in a contrasting locality who are also investigating their local area. Send some information or pictures as attachments. Ict coverage: The children carry out a car parking survey and record and display their results on a prepared (Starting Graph) table and graph. Wbol website : Car Parking Survey activity. Weather around the world It helps children to develop ideas about weather conditions around the world. Gather data about rain, temperature and/or wind.

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Ask the paper children to find the school site on an electronic map and on an aerial photograph. Ask the children, in pairs, to identify land use within a small area of their locality. Collate the childrens findings using a database or graphing program, and use to present their results. Data handling software. Starting Graph, textease database, information Magic, Information Workshop. Ict coverage: Children record land use around their local area. Back in the classroom this information is entered into a prepared (Number Magic) spreadsheet. Wbol website : Land Use survey activity. Create a presentation to show potential environmental concerns in the local area and how they might be addressed. Textease 2000; PowerPoint; Illuminatus. Ict coverage: Create a web page/site for a locality studied.

Create graphs and use to answer questions. Data handling software ie starting Graph. Ict coverage: Use websites with pictures, photos and stories to aid discussion about the main features of the seaside. Ask the children to write a short report or poem about a day at the seaside, now and then, using a word processor ie talking First Word, Clicker, Writer. Ict coverage: teaching Resource: Lesson plans and worksheets From Educate the Children. Ict coverage: Units teaching activity resources nc guidance Investigating our local area in which friendship children develop geographical ideas and skills by studying their own locality. Using a web based map ask the children to use progressively larger scales to locate a region, county, village.

features of report writing ks2

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Painting program lour Magic, dazzle. Ict coverage: Using a word processor write about the island from a visitor's point of view. Word processor ie talking First Word, Writer. Ict coverage: Link with a school on an island using electronic pen pals (ie epals). Going to the seaside The theme of the seaside is set mainly in a geographical context but uses a historical perspective to help children understand how seaside places have evolved over time. Ict coverage: Design and carry out a survey to find places that children have visited. Enter the information in to a database or graphing package.

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features of report writing ks2

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Ict coverage: solitary Use a simple cd-rom atlas, or a web based map, to investigate some of the places Barnaby visits. On a copy of a map the children could use the autoShapes in Word to produce caption boxes detailing some information about the places. Some sound clips could also be added. Ict coverage: Ask the children to produce a graph showing the number of times Barnaby used different types of transport and find out which type he used the most. Ict coverage: Use the interactive activities based on the themes of travelling maps, weather packing, landscape, sightseeing, transport and shopping on th 'Where in the world is Barnaby bear' cd-rom. Teaching resource: Download travel photographs from a website (check on copyright issues). Units teaching activity resources nc guidance An Island home Shows how a storybook can be used to develop childrens understanding of geographical features and ideas while at the same time developing their literacy skills.

After reading 'katie morag and the two grandmothers' to the children use an electronic atlas to show the children the location of Scotland and and the western Isles. Program a floor turtle to follow a route on a large map of Struay. Ict coverage: Create a class pictogram of the types of transportation use in Struay. Ask children to use the pictogram to answer some simple questions. Ict coverage: Use a simple painting program to create a panoramic picture of Struay or their locality.

Ask the children to mark on the various ways used to control traffic. Alternatively scan in a local area map to use. Units, teaching activity, resources nc guidance, where in the world is Barnaby bear? Uses a first-hand object barnaby the teddy bear to enable children to learn about other countries and places. Barnaby travels with different people connected to the school as well as on school visits, creating a sense of personal involvement for the children.

Ict coverage: Use the barnaby bear website to see where barnaby has visited on his travels. Barnaby bear could send electronic postcards or emails from around The class could also send him e-mails. Internet and email access. Scan some pictures of Barnaby bear in to the computer, or use digital photos, of the places he has visited. Help the children to insert one of pictures in to a word processor. The children then enter some text to describe the place. Scanner or digital camera, word processor.

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Where do people go when they park their cars? Ict coverage: Use a simple writers graphing package to create pictograms. Starting Graph or 2Go. Use a word bank to write a simple report about a traffic survey, writing simple sentences about a range of vehicles that were seen. Traffic Survey - grid. From the dillard learningGrids website (please note that Clicker 4 is required and you have to register free of charge on the website). Ict coverage: Using the hertfordshire os maps, or Multimap, find a street map that includes the school.

features of report writing ks2

Children investigate a local miss issue common to most schools parking. With the childrens help, design and carry out a traffic survey of the road outside school. Enter the data in to a simple graphing package and produce a pictogram. Analyse the findings by answering questions. Is this a busy road? Design and carry out a survey of cars parked in the street outside the school. Present the results in a pictogram. Discuss the the findings and make simple observations by answering questions. Are the parked cars there all day?

Link a plan of the school to images and text. Use a multimedia-editing package or web writing software to create the tour. Create a web site for a locality used in your scheme of work. PowerPoint, textease 2000 or web writing software. Ict coverage: teaching resource: Ideas for geography in the street from Chester lea. How can we make our local area safer?

Produce a pictogram and analyse the findings. A simple data handling package ie starting Graph (use the ready made travel survey) or 2Go (transport file). Ict coverage: Use a word bank to assemble sentences and label objects for example use a clicker Grid showing photographs of common features, which may be found in a local area and around a school. Example clicker grids from the learningGrids website (please note that Clicker 4 is required and you have to register free of charge on the website). Ict coverage: Use a web based map of your local area to display the children's addresses and to identify buildings, include annotations. Copy a map of the local area in to textease and use the polygon tool to draw the 'journey to school' and animate teresa a picture to travel along the route. Ict coverage: Use a digital camera to make an interactive wall display, or an information pamphlet, about the local area. Ict coverage: take the children for a walk around the local area. Then use a simple painting program to create a picture of a building or area around the school.

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Using the qca units for geography. Please be aware that you do not need to teach all the units in the qca scheme of work and the units can be taught in different year groups to those suggested. It is not a requirement that the qca scheme is followed, but your long term plan must address the four areas of the program of study for geography: geographical enquiry and skills; Knowledge and understanding of places; Knowledge and understanding of patterns and processes; Knowledge. A checklist matrix report could be used to check coverage. Units, teaching activity, resources nc guidance, around our school the local area. Uses investigative tasks to introduce children to the idea of looking at their local area. Design and carry out a survey of how children come to school. Enter the information in to a data handling package.

features of report writing ks2
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  1. As I was praying about what scriptures God wants me to write down, many scriptures started just flowing and. Using the qca units for geography. Adamera is currently exploring five projects with high-grade gold potential within hauling distance of the mill. sign thesis and the minotaur game up to receive 30 inspiring mantras and monthly blog posts on life and leadership At master thesis.

  2. Bitesize english content for key stage. Animations and guides on spelling, reading and writing for year 3, 4, 5 and. Using the qca units for geography. Please be aware that you do not need to teach all the units in the qca scheme of work and the units can be taught in different year groups to those suggested).

  3. Pie corbetts Talk for Writing pie corbetts Talk for Writing encourages the children to talk about their ideas and the key features of different genres. The authors of KS2 Spanish are both experienced primary practitioners. John has been teaching primary children for twenty years and Maria has been teaching Spanish to key stage 2 children in schools for more than ten years.

  4. Free interactive primary or Elementary key stage 2 ages 6-11 years, literacy and English teacher Resources and fun Kids Games. English learning as a second language. Clare hodgson, HfL Assessment Adviser & lead Moderator for KS2 Assessment, signposts and summarises the key changes for KS2 writing assessment in 2018. Included is a curated list of useful web links for teachers and literacy leads.

  5. A set of 6 A4 sized mats showing the structure and language features of the 6 different styles of non-fiction writing. They also include the 6 writing skeletons designed by sue palmer. Poster with key features for diary writing included. A comprehensive, coeducational Catholic High school diocese of Wollongong - albion Park Act Justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God Micah 6:8.

  6. This worked very well getting the children to focus on 5Ws and H features of recounts. There is a resource for looking at examples of recounts of an accident for discussion; an activity where accidents are watched and children write a recount (not as grue. This handy checklist will help KS2 children to identify features of a newspaper report as well as guiding them when writing their own report. Used across 5 lessons to teach children about diary writing.

  7. A handy checklist to help your students identify and highlight the features of a non-Chronological Report text. English writing exercise - reports revisionbite. A report is a formal text that gives you information about a subject that you are interested in and would like to know more about.

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